More Japanese — Type 2 Ka-Mi

Type 2 Ka-Mi
Type 2 Ka-Mi

This is a really neat one. A big tank for the Japanese and amphibious — although to be amphibious pontoons had to be fitted for and aft. The tank was actually the amphibious version of the Type 95 Ha-Ho with some additional modification. The tank was operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy and interestingly, the only amphibous tank vs amphibious tank battle occurred off the coast at Leyte where several Ka-Mis were destroyed by US LVT-1s — both vehicles having similar armour.

There is a surviving Type 2 Ka-Mi at the Russian Kubinka Tank Museum just outside of Moscow – a place I would like to visit one day, if only to see the only surviving PzKpfw VIII Maus.

Type 2 Ka-Mi ready for amphibious work
Type 2 Ka-Mi ready for amphibious work
The view through my painting light - not that I use that magnifying glass often
The view through my painting light – not that I use that magnifying glass often

4 thoughts on “More Japanese — Type 2 Ka-Mi

  1. Doug 18 March 2014 / 5:29 pm

    Looking good – are those GHQ? The running gear looks very tidy. Shame you’re not here, I have enough spare Matildas to do 14th Army… 😉


    • Thomo the Lost 18 March 2014 / 6:13 pm

      Yep – GHQ. As they were operated by the Navy., I opted for the grey colour. Grey is a beatch to use on tanks, especially light grey. As soon as you wash it, it becomes too dark. Then dry-brushing grey again loses the detail that one got with the wash!

      Was trying more weathering on these, especially wanted the running gear to look muddy. I may have to bite the bullet with GHQ and paint the tyres on the road wheels … nah!


  2. Anthony 21 March 2014 / 8:11 am

    I have some LVT’s and some Chi-Ha’s in 1/72 and the size differences is huge. something like the Chi-Ha’s are 25% of the LVT’s, so that they could not win is not surprising.

    These are looking good, so when do they get tested with the dice?


  3. ikazuchi01 7 April 2015 / 11:16 pm

    Nice that you are able to get these with and without the pontoons – will have to check GHQ for these. Maybe they will get the Ka-Chi in there sometime, there were 19 of those monsters made.


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