A Piece of Niceness done to Thomo the Lost

Thomo is unemployed at the moment but looking for full-time work. Currently his bank account is pretty empty and he has been feeling rather stressed lately.

So tonight, young Julius Flywheel (he knows who he is), resident in Melbourne, I believe, sent Thomo the following message:

Apropos of nothing, I was wondering if you were a NWS member?
I replied
Used to be. Have not rejoined for a few years.
Young Julius then wrote:

You’ve done a lot of things over the years I’d have liked to have bought you a beer over. Not likely our paths will cross anytime soon, so was wondering if you would be agreeable to accepting an esub membership of NWS as a thank you from me.

Now, the NWS is the Naval Wargames Society and they do indeed have an electronic membership subscription.

The last part of the conversation went something like:

Thanks mate
Julius Flywheel:
Honest to God pleasure thomo really
I’m still feeling stressed but there is a warm feeling inside as well. Thanks again mate, your timing was immaculate and the thought wonderful. And Julius, the next time I am in Melbourne, we will definitely have that beer – hopefully I’ll be working then too and able to pay for it 🙂

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