Back Painting – Finally. WIP Type 97 Chi-Ha

It was back on 5 April 2014 when I last put paint brush to metal. The stress of the unemployment, finding some money, any money, for rent and the bills whilst receiving no benefits (and no retrenchment package either from my previous employer) has not really left me in the frame of mind to try and relax – so “stressed” has been my middle name for the last few months (4½ months to be accurate). There have been moments in that time when there was the prospect of work but those evaporated, generally slowly over time.

It now seems like there is a good possibility of work, although we will need to fund ourselves for another couple of months (sigh). To celebrate, and after not having painted since 5 April 2014, I put some paint on some metal last night.

I decided that the Type 97 ChiHa tanks I had started back then should be finished. All that was needed really was to finish the camouflage scheme, add a wash, touch up the machine guns with some gun-metal (it makes them visible rather than having them disappear into the tank camouflage) and then weather the tanks. I could not, however, remember the weathering process I used on the first two so I mixed it up – some sandy, some dusty, all dirty.

The pictures below show the differences. The models with the grass on their bases are the ones I finished in April. The ones in the centre are the ones weathered last night. The ones on the left are the tanks before weathering so you can see the difference the weathering makes as it not only makes the tanks look dirty, especially around the tracks, but also fades the colours on the top surfaces as the Mongolian, Manchurian, or Pacific sun tends to do.

I hope to get into another hour or two’s brushwork over the weekend and finish all remaining Japanese tanks. Then when starting work I can start on the infantry.

I should note as well that the tanks in the rear are GHQ models, the ones to the front are CinC. Even on the phone’s camera you can see the greater level of detail in the GHQ models. As far as vehicles (and WWI, WWII and Modern Ships) go, they are by far the best models on the market in this scale. I like the CinC and the Heroics and Ros models but the GHQ models are just a class above (with a price that reflects that).

One thought on “Back Painting – Finally. WIP Type 97 Chi-Ha

  1. Doug 20 June 2014 / 11:17 pm

    Very nice mate, and there is always the Thomson wing if things get really tough. Serious offer.


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