WIP – the Type 97 Te-Ke

The Type 97 was a Japanese tankette used in the Second Sino-Japanese War, at Khalkin-gol (Nomonhan) against the Soviet Union and Mongolia, and in World War II generally. It was classed as a light armoured car even though tracked. It is a small vehicle and was designed as a fast reconnaissance vehicle.

Type 97 TeKe
Type 97 TeKe

They were designed in 1937 and a total of 616 of them were built. As I mentioned, they were small, only being large enough for a crew of two (a commander and a driver). The armour was between 4-16mm thick and the armament was a 37mm Type 94 gun. The vehicle itself was capable of a speed of up to 42 km/h and had a range of about 250 kilometres.

The vehicles being painted have been based, then base coated in Army Painter brown, then covered in a desert sand colour before doing the yellow contrast stripes. Some green, brown, rust and dark earth with a dark brown wash and then some weathering to finish them off will see the armoured component of the Japanese finished leaving two aircraft and the infantry to do.

These models are CinC. I’m not sure why I bought two boxes of them but I did and so I have 8 🙂

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