Miniature Wargames with Battlegames SOMETIMES Gives PDF Access

On 23 August 2014 I published Digital Wargame Magazines Overdo It! here in Thomo’s Hole. The crux of the discussion was that some magazines do not provide PDF access to their content so you are locked into your platform (iPad, Android tablet etc) as there is no real cross-platform format except for PDF.

I sang the praises of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy from Karwansaray Publishers as they provide their publications in platform independent PDF format. I criticised Wargames Illustrated for allowing the technology to overshadow the content, making it hard to read as well as providing content locked to platform ensuring that either a spend a fortune repurchasing everything for a new platform or I stay stuck to Apple tablets.

I also criticised Miniature Wargames with Battlegames (MWBG) which is available through Exact Editions for not being available on PDF.

tweetHenry Hyde, the editor of MWBG was quick to comment on Facebook, Twitter and here in the Hole where his comments to the post noted:

Thomo – MWBG has been available as a PDF since inception. See

Giving Henry the benefit of the doubt, and knowing that I had looked at this before, I downloaded that PDF and checked and ‘lo and behold, there was no PDF version available for me. I looked further around in the Exact Editions website as I have an account. I had originally subscribed to Battlegames through Exact Editions.

Logged in, no subscriptions
Logged in, no subscriptions

Now Battlegames merged with Miniature Wargames around March/April 2013 and my Battlegames subscription expired about then. I had a subscription to Miniature Wargames at the same time, taken with Exact Editions through Apple iTunes (Newstand).

Henry will recall around that time there were a number of questions asked about subscriptions to both magazines and how they would be combined. I did nothing as my Miniature Wargames subscription was extant and any remaining issues I had to receive of Battlegames would be added to that subscription. In any case, I could not take out a Battlgames subscription then as I already had the Miniature Wargames subscription.

So, no PDF for Thomo.

I contacted Exact Editions support about this. My enquiry was:

Aug 25 18:11


I have had digital subscriptions to both Battlegames and Miniature Wargames
since 2012, both through Exact Editions.

Since the merger of the magazines, I understand that I should be able to
download PDF copies of the magazine. However, as you can see from the two
screen grabs below, Exact Editions does not seem to know that I have a
subscription even though I have a subscription.

Please advise on how I can access PDF versions of the magazine – as I am
thinking of changing platforms soon from the iPad to a MS Surface Pro and
will only be able to access via PDF.

Thanks for your assistance.

Cheers, Ian

I received the following response:

Aug 26 16:40

Hello Ian,

Thank you for your email.

A subscription purchased through the Newsstand app does not include access via the Exact Editions website or PDF download.

For a multi-platform digital subscription, you will need to purchase through the Exact Editions web store., rather than through the Apple Newsstand app. An app subscription, only includes access via that specific app.

Do you still have an active subscription through the app? As the receipt which you forwarded in your email is for an annual subscription from March 2013. If you have not renewed this, I would recommend purchasing a digital subscription from the Exact Editions website, here – miniaturewargames

Best Wishes,

Daniel Hodgkin, Exact Editions Customer Support

So, it seems that PDF versions (or multi-platform as Daniel describes it) of MWBG are only available if you subscribe through their webstore – which was not an option when Miniature Wargames first came out.

I wonder how many other gamers are in the same position?

One thought on “Miniature Wargames with Battlegames SOMETIMES Gives PDF Access

  1. Thomo the Lost 29 August 2014 / 1:18 am

    I should note too that Henry is currently looking at this problem and searching for an issue – I am sure there will be more about this later.


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