Thomo’s Hole Back on the Air

There was a slight downtime in the last 24 hours brought about by the registration of the domain pointer for expiring coupled with HSBC bank refusing the $13.00 online payment I made from the Philippines, even though there was $500 in my account AND I had been making payments from the Philippines over the previous two weeks.

Boo Hiss HSBC.

Last night I had intended on renewing the domain name, using madam’s POSB Debit Card (Yay for POSB – better service levels than HSBC) however several beers and a Murphy’s Gutbuster breakfast for dinner along with a cafe latte from Starbucks on the way home ensured that as I settled on to the couch for 10 minutes before going to my PC I would not wake again until about 4:30 this morning when it was time to switch off the TV (there was nothing on anyway) and roll over and return to blissful, beer induced slumber.

This morning I tried the renewal again – still failed on HSBC (boo) but paid first time with POSB. Isn’t it illegal for a bank to prevent us from accessing our own money?

Anyway, Thomo’s Hole is back, I swam for the first time in  months this morning (oh the agony), weight loss has steadied from its initial move south and no beer is contemplated until … well … next weekend … perhaps!

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