Wargame Bloggers Quarterly

The New Issue
The New Issue

If you are like me, you have every intention of spending time whipping around the Interwebs for an hour or so at night and catching up on those wargamers with more painting talent, more modelling talent, a better grasp of rules systems and such than I have but for some reason, you never get the time.

Enter Wargame Bloggers Quarterly.

This is a “fanzine” issued every two months and which grabs some of the best content from wargamer’s blogs on the Internet and builds that content into a PDF based online magazine. The magazine, unlike the commercial ones, is platform independent so you can download it to your PC< read it on your Android, iOS or Windows 8 tablet (probably even Blackberry) and even on your phone of you want to squint a lot 🙂

This month’s issue has just been released. The contents include:

  • The Sudan
  • Marengo
  • Colonial New Zealand Wars
  • Cricket in VBCW
  • Second Part of Serenity City Series started last month
  • and lots more

Their Facebook page for those using Facebook is here. They also are on Google+.

It’s times like this I wish I was back living with a one hour train ride home instead of a 10 minute walk so that I could have a good read before getting into the maelstrom that is evenings at home.

Highly recommended!

One thought on “Wargame Bloggers Quarterly

  1. 40kterminatus 6 November 2014 / 12:33 am

    Quality find my friend 🙂


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