Nothing to see here, move along!

Everyone should have a Lightning!
Everyone should have a Lightning!

This is also in no way indicative of a desire to do plastic kits more so that I always liked the Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle and if one is going to do a Beagle, well, one simply has to have a Lightning!

And if it is enough for Jeremy Clarkson to briefly have had one in 1:1 scale in his frontyard, then a 1:100 scale kit should not raise any eyebrows.

The fact that 1:100 is, in wargaming terms, 15mm, has nothing to do with it (as is the fact that the Beagle is a bomber, of course).

And a Beagle, beagles are sweet aircraft!
And a Beagle, beagles are sweet aircraft!

Now, all I need to have some fun with these is the right colour paints, some putty for filler, some wet and dry paper for tidying up and smoothing out and a rainy Saturday to make them followed by a sunny Sunday to paint them!

One thought on “Nothing to see here, move along!

  1. Doug 3 December 2014 / 4:40 am

    Well mate, you are braver than I am, I have (so far) avoided aircraft models (other than a 1/48 F111 – it’s massive!) as that way you end up with them hanging on bits of string from the ceiling. But who doesn’t love a BAE Lightning. When I was a kid, I saw one at Leuchars doing a full afterburner takeoff, rocketing into the sky vertically, doing the whole futuristic takeoff to intercept the ‘Russki Bombers’ – loved them ever since. Unfortunately now banned from flying in the UK.


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