Wargaming in 2015

I am thinking that it is time to reflect on what I achieved in 2014, wargame wise …. reflected … done!

OK, so I proved to Anthony that dice feng shui exists and that really, the dice do not like him at all by innumerable wins at his table whilst drinking his beer. I also managed, apart from shuffling his lead around, to get some games of FoG Online in – which I quite enjoy. Apart from the DBA competition at the Broken Bayonets in February where I took the Nubians for a creditable 6th place, that was about all the gaming I got done.

Painting wise I managed to finish my 1/285 scale Early World War 2 Russians as well as finishing the armour for the early World War 2 Japanese, also in 1/285. I finished three modern naval fleets in 1/3000 scale (the Indian, Chinese and Japanese) with just the aircraft to complete. I sold off some old figures which paid for the wargaming purchases I made in 2014 (and they were really the fleets as well as some Dystopian Wars packs). And that was about it as the rest of the time was spent looking for a new job and doing some work for a recruiter.

2015, however, I hae plans for. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland. I have both the Grand Fleet and the High Seas Fleet here in Macksville just waiting for some pant. Hell,hey ‘ve been waiting for paint for 16 years now so I guess it is time.

Friend Douglas over a beer or two mentioned American War of Independence in plastic whilst we were having a beer or two. It’s on!

One of the Philgamers in Manila has mentioned a desire to play a couple of games of DBA so, as I have a couple of 6mm DBA armies painted, I think I shall have a couple of practice runs to get used to the new rules (DBA 3.0) and then organise the games.

I also still have another 4 or 5 armies from my original Singapore project in 6mm to finish.

So, 2015 painting … yes, there will be painting. In roughly the order that they will be done:

  1. Anthony’s 20mm British World War 2 – as soon as they come in
  2. Anthony’s 6mm Ancients for the Singapore wargamers who have suddenly appeared out of the woodwork should he want to do 6mm 😉
  3. The fleets from Jutland. I must count the ships for this. Perhaps, as part of this, I may also do the Austrian World War 1 fleet as I have the Italians already painted. These are in 1/3000 scale
  4. The aircraft for the modern fleets. The aircraft are in 1/1200 scale whilst the vessels are in 1/3000 scale but it does work. This may slip up a place or two as well as this is a simple and hopefully quick process
  5. A 1.72 scale plastic American War of Independence Colonists Army … as soon as I get some figures, This is a project to have ready for games next Christmas in Canberra and is a good excuse for not discussing new wargame periods whilst drinking a lot of beer
  6. The 1/285 Japanese infantry
  7. The Dystopian Wars vessels
  8. Finish the 6mm Singapore project
  9. Paint a 15mm DBA Army for DeBAKLe in Kuala Lumpur late in 2015 (should it be back on the cards)
  10. Brigade Models Aeronefs for the Germans (in 1/1200 scale)
  11. Brigade Models spaceships for their space game
  12. Some 1/300th aircraft for a dog fighting game
  13. Late War and Middle War World War 2 Russians in 1/285

OK, that is enough of a list – any more and the true size of my leadpile will start to become apparent!

Happy New Year fellow gamers – off to the painting table now!

2 thoughts on “Wargaming in 2015

  1. expatatlarge 1 January 2015 / 9:11 pm

    Faces need redoing but you got the nipples right…


    • Thomo the Lost 1 January 2015 / 9:53 pm

      They are onlu 15mm tall so I will alllow myself some latitude on the faces 😉


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