Free Time

I have some free time coming up in the evenings soon, leastwise before life gets busy again at the office. Actually truth be known, life is busy in the office already, but I need some evening downtime.

I am therefore planning already what I will do next. First cab off the rank is to watch some of the India vs Australia cricket game tomorrow with an Indian friend and some form of amber coloured bubbly libation. Sunday will be the final.

Friday night however will be sorting the rest of the Jutland project fleet. I think then I should finish the aircraft for the modern fleets before starting on the basing, undercoating and creating naming labels for the Jutland fleets.

Next week, well, that will be the Jutland stuff along with resisting the urge to buy any Napoleonics. I’ve almost finished Simon Scarrow’s four part historical fiction covering Wellington and Napoleon and it is tempting to start building armies – must resist!

Lastly, I think I might play a board game next week as well as get in touch with Vladimir, a local here, who wants to try DBA. We can play DBA!

Yep, that should keep me nicely busy until Easter at least. The next question is what to do over the Easter break.

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