Two Months and No Wargame Related Stuff

Well, except for the ongoing FoG Online battle with Anthony where, for the third year running, he tries to squeeze a win out of his classical Spartans!

Still, it has been a lean two months wargaming wise. No painting, no playing, nothing, nada. Even the planned experimenting with my new airbrush (new? I bought the thing last year and still haven’t sprayed anything with it) where I was going to paint the aircraft for my Chinese, Indian and Japanese fleets has not happened.

So, this weekend looks full again with events conspiring to ensure that I will not get any wargaming time except … maybe … if I can’t play, and I can’t paint, I can buy. Buying takes less time than painting or playing and best of all, I can fool myself into thinking “ah, this will be my next painting/gaming project”.

Yes, BUY BUY BUY!!!!


The Chinese are rattling sabres in the East China/ West Philippine Sea area, building artificial islands in reefs to claim them as Chinese territory and circling the Filipino Marines on that rusty old boat so that could flare up. I already have a Chinese modern naval fleet as well as Japanese so there is a start. There is also an Indian feet but that will likely not drift around from the Indian Ocean.

The Philippines Navy would in all likelihood be nothing but speed bumps to the Chinese so maybe another fleet to stand up to the Chinese. Building a Singaporean fleet is an option. They have the quality to face down some of the Chinese vessels but perhaps not the kahunas given the number of mainland Chinese in Singapore and the Chinese nature of the government there.

Looks like it is the US 7th Fleet – or at least part of it, perhaps a US carrier battle group. A big mofo carrier, some smaller vessels for point defence and away we go.

Another option, Chinese modern land forces. I have a modern Danish army built for Cold War Commander so whilst it is not likely that the Danes will ever face the Chinese, at least I have a contemporary opponent for the Chinese should I build a PLA army and whilst I am waiting to build an opponent.

Another option that comes to mind is UN Korean War and North Korea for Cold War Commander. A mix of the best British, US and French tanks on one side and Russian tanks and Chinese (amongst others) infantry on the other side – plus a really cool mix of aircraft.

Yes, that’s what I think I’ll do, buy lead!

2 thoughts on “Two Months and No Wargame Related Stuff

  1. Doug 29 May 2015 / 4:34 pm

    you do know i have centurions and pattons in 6mm 😉


    • Thomo the Lost 31 May 2015 / 11:18 am

      Mate, you have most AFVs from the mid to late 20th Century stored in the gimp room. I’m sure there are many eBay sellers going broke now that you’ve sworn of lead purchases this year … you are still sworn off aren’t you? 😉


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