Finally, Got Started!

OK, three months before anything wargaming done other than the Field of Glory online games. The other relevant statistic here is 11 months in Manila and 10 months in this apartment and very little done. I now have some weekend and week-night evening time and the choice is:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Go out and drink beer
  3. Get back into wargaming items

It is a tough choice as one does enjoy the odd tipple but I suspect that I will keep number two for Friday and maybe Saturday nights – mid-week only for business.

The bathroom has been cleaned, apartment swept and mopped, balcony mopped, washing done and washing up done so domestic matters have been taken care of. I am planning on rearranging furniture soon but that will have to wait to next weekend. The dining table has been cleared and the painting/computer table is set for a clearing tomorrow so there are no excuses now.

First cab off the rank is to tidy-up any damaged figures from the move over here. Whilst Balikbayan boxes are an inexpensive way to ship stuff to and from the Philippines, they are treated roughly and are inverted at least twice, plus bumped and bounced around in the back of trucks and when being loaded into containers.

There are some photos of the effect of that movement on the troops. The 6mm figures were fairly well jostled around but not as badly as the 15mm figures. I guess it is because the mass of the 6mm bases is much less than the 15mm bases.

Once they have been sorted, I have two boardgames I want to start on (actually, I think it is really three or four boardgames). The Great War in Europe from GMT games is one I have been wanting to play for a while so that may be the first occupant of the dining room table. The other games related to the Mongols, including GMT’s Devil’s Horsemen as well as S&T’s issue on the Mongols.

So, someone is now on the way to seriously un-stressing!

Now, where did I put those dice!


5 thoughts on “Finally, Got Started!

  1. Niobe Falls 5 July 2015 / 8:08 pm

    Cute stuff you got there. 😀


  2. Niobe Falls 5 July 2015 / 8:09 pm

    Hahaha. 🙂


  3. Niobe Falls 5 July 2015 / 8:09 pm

    Cute stuff you got there. 🙂


  4. ikazuchi01 10 July 2015 / 5:17 am

    Nice looking start! BTW, I did base and paint my minis but I still need to do some detail work. I based them on 1 inch round washers and then mounted those washers on 1 inch felt furniture sliders. Makes them much easier to grab, if a bit high off the ground. I tried to mount them generally by the rules in the Bolt Action book for Japanese troops – so 3 guys on a mortar, for example, including the mortar man. I am mostly using the GHQ Combat Command box for the troops, with supplemental tanks and some others like Sumidas from Heroics & Ros. The differences in the Chi-Ha tanks are rather extreme, so I may use them as Chi-He instead (Chi-He’s were welded, not rivited) – so the HnR ones lacking detail can be used for Chi-He tanks. I am not sure how I will mark individual units lost – maybe have to track them on paper? I mean, if one of the three mortar guys dies, for example. But I only just got my Bolt Action Core rulebook in the mail today. I jumped the gun and got the Japanese supplement early. 🙂

    One comment about the site, it’s not clear now by color or buttons where you can reply to or dig deeper into a topic. Or at least not at first glance on my laptop.


    • Thomo the Lost 12 July 2015 / 1:30 am

      I’m hoping the them change has made the embedded links easier to see – otherwise I will have to fiddle with the theme settings some more.

      If that doesn’t work, I have another theme sitting on the bench as a plan B 😉

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