Peshawar – The Continuation

Sometime back in 2009  started a project for 1/1200 scale Aeronefs. As is the way of wargamers, I then expanded it to include Land Ironclads. In both cases using rules from Wessex Games; Aeronefs and Land Ironclads and buildings from Brigade Models; and period(ish) infantry, cavalry and artillery (in 2mm scale) as well as buildings and scenery from Irregular Miniatures. As it also the way of wargamers, something else bright and shiny appeared in front of me and so the project was shelved. At the time of shelving, I seem to recall that I had expanded from the original two combatants (the French and English) to add the Russians and the Prussians.

Well, looking through the figure stock here in Manila I saw the 2mm terrain and Russian and British Crimean Armies sitting forlornly still in their plastic bags. Some Aeronefs were located as were most of the British Land Ironclads. 20 minutes online to Irregular Miniatures and I had expanded the whole Peshawar idea to add the Americans and maybe Japanese. These Americans are an easy add to the universe but the Japanese will be a bit more problematical – I will need to craft a good back story to justify Japanese ‘nefs but a mix of European Land Ironclads.

Whilst online I also looked at getting some 2mm Napoleonics. I have a plan for another little project (in 2mm scale, little is the operative word) but more of that later. I think I have found my Christmas project for Manila this year – Expand Peshawar!

2 thoughts on “Peshawar – The Continuation

  1. Doug 8 December 2015 / 5:57 am

    I should be getting some Aeronef in the new year, but given that many of the locals have South American forces (Chile, Brazil etc) – I think I am going to make mine Mexican, in the best traditions of that great seafaring nation… I found the original Nef rules a bit bland, so I am hoping the ‘Imperial Skies’ set will be a bit more to my taste. And there should absolutely be an expansion set to include Martian tripods and flyers.


  2. Chris 10 December 2015 / 2:49 pm

    Those figures look great! Funnily enough, I will be starting a similar project in 2016. I’m currently waiting on a couple of small orders from Irregular and Brigade before I decide how I shall proceed. My main aim will be to use Land Ironclads but to recreate the setting of All Quiet on the Martian Front.


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