The Bob Test

Periodically I become a little self reflective. Recently I have been encouraged to consider values – both mine and the values of those around me. In those periods I look at my actions and my treatment of those around me and apply the “Bob Test”. Bob was a positive influence on my life. Still is truth be told. He passed a few years ago and I know he is sorely missed by his family and his friends.

Bob grew up in Rhodesia and as a young man was involved in the Bush War and I am certain that in later life he suffered from what we now know is PTSD. He left Rhodesia and travelled to the United Kingdom followed by Norway. I am sure that that the laconic and practical Norwegians eased his PTSD and I know he loved both the country and his family and friends. He was always a great friend.

So, what is the “Bob Test”? Bob once noted to me that when he met a person, in his mind he gave them a score of 100. Those with a score of 100 and above he would give time to. The changes of your score were entirely up to you and how you interacted with Bob.  So, periodically I give myself the “Bob Test” – has my score gone up or down with those around me?  Do I care for people as much now as I did before? Do I treat people fairly? Do I keep my word? Do I act with honour and integrity?

A self assessment from time to time is good for my soul and is good to see how I am performing. Sticking to your values is sometimes not easy but I find that if I do, I can sleep well at night.

Bob did meet Joshua Nkomo later in life as well and while they had been enemies in the Bush War, they were able to talk with each other  with respect when they did meet.

Thank you Bob for the test. You are missed mate, but you have left so much behind for the rest of us.

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