Blitzkrieg Commander IV – a Quick Read … not a Review

Blitzkrieg Commander IV Cover

I mentioned that Blitzkrieg Commander IV was being released at Salute last Saturday. Those of us with digital copies however managed to get our hands on it a couple of days sooner than those waiting on physical copies.

It is much better than BKC III was. The army lists have been corrected, at least the ones I had a look at seemed to be better aligned with Historical organization and equipment.

I’m looking forward to some downtime soon so I can read these in detail and maybe organise a little Soviet on Soviet action to test them out.

I believe the hard copies of the rules are mostly in the post to those who ordered BKC III previously, us digital folks already have our copies. World War II micro armour has suddenly just become more interesting, just as I have a mountain of modern Poles and French to paint for Cold War Commander!

2 thoughts on “Blitzkrieg Commander IV – a Quick Read … not a Review

  1. Brian 4 May 2019 / 6:46 pm

    Don’t waste your money. Alas it’s still awash with errors in the lists. There are many optional rules that are unplayable or make no sense. Recce has been made far more complex. Stick with v2.


  2. Thomo the Lost 6 May 2019 / 3:43 pm

    I often thought of the difficulty of taking a very well written, reasonably well balanced set of rules and improving on them was a task that was fraught with danger as the resistance to change from players would be high and it would take a long time to get acceptance of the new order. I recall the original General Quarters I and II which lasted unchanged virtually for 25+ years before General Quarters III was released. GQIII suffered from being bigger and more complex without any great advances in playability. Sometimes I think it is better to leave the original well enough alone and issue suggested options or supplements to judge whether or no to change the whole ruleset.


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