Another Project – World War 2 French in 6mm

In November 2017 I added a small World War 2 force of Belgians to my Blitzkrieg Commander armies. Looking for some additions to my collections (it’s not like I have nothing left to paint however), I thought that as I had acquired the figures for a Cold War Commander French force, it would be neat to have the same for World War 2. This has also led me into a lot of reading about the French in World War 2. I must admit that I only had the old stereotypes in mind – dodgy commanders, no radios, poor quality weapon systems etc. I am rapidly rethinking those as I read and understand more.

The first thing I did was to try and understand French Infantry and Armour organisation during that period. So far my searches of this across the Internet have not been as fruitful as I had hoped. However, I think I have enough information now to move forward a little.

A French infantry company

My infantry organisation for the French for Blitzkrieg Commander is based around an infantry battalion consisting of three companies of 12 elements to the company. Each element/base (Section above) will have about 5 or 6 figures on it and represent a section. Three sections to a platoon, four platoons to a company, three companies to a battalion.

For armour I am assuming five Renault R35 tanks to a tank platoon or three of any of the other types. I am not certain currently how many platoons work up to the higher organisations so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

So, what did I purchase? To make up a chunky force, I purchased from both Scotia Grendel and Heroics and Ros. I am looking at one company of Infantry (so 36 elements/bases) plus heavy weapons etc. Several platoons of armour, both light and heavy. Two or three batteries of artillery and a few aircraft thrown into the mix for the some variety. So, I purchased the following:

Quantity Item Manufacturer
2 Citroen Kegrese SPAA Scotia
3 Laffly S20TL Command Scotia
2 Peugeot 402 staff car H&R
3 Latil M7T1 Field Car Scotia
1 Infantry (50 figures) Scotia
1 Infantry with Command (50 figures maybe) Scotia
3 Infantry (50 figures each packet) H&R
1 Heavy Weapons Packet Scotia
1 Heavy Weapons approx. 50 figures H&R
12 French gun crew kneeling (5 figures each) H&R
4 Panhard AMD 178 A/C Scotia
2 Laffly V15R Recce Car H&R
4 Char B1 Heavy Tank Scotia
6 Char B1 Heavy Tank H&R
6 Somua S35 H&R
3 Hotchkiss H39 Light Tank H&R
6 Renault AMC 35 Light Tank Scotia
5 Renault Ft 17 H&R
2 Laffly W 15 TCC tank hunter + 47mm (Portee) H&R
3 105mm Schneider 1913 gun H&R
3 75mm field gun H&R
2 French 47mm AT H&R
4 French 25mm AT H&R
2 Twin 13.2mm AAMG Scotia
6 Tracked personnel trailer H&R
6 Lorraine 38L APC Gun Tractor H&R
1 Horse Drawn 75mm Gun (3 teams each of 4 horses , 1 limber, 1 gun) H&R
3 Laffly W15R prime mover H&R
6 Citroen 10cv C4F 4×2 1000kg truck H&R
6 Citroen 45u Heavy Truck (Covered Top) Scotia
6 Renault ADK Truck (Covered Top) Scotia
1 Liore Et Olivier Leo 451 H&R
1 Martin Maryland H&R
1 Breguet 690/1 H&R

In addition to the above, I also purchased a 47mm FRC A/T Gun from Scotia for my Belgians along with the following buildings, also from Scotia:

  • Church
  • Ruined Cottage
  • Barn
  • Small Cottage
  • Ruined Barn
  • Stone bridge
  • Stone farm

The cost for all these models and buildings came to £108.50 (not counting postage) – slightly more than my July wargaming allowance*. Now I am waiting their arrival so that I can add them to the painting queue. The Scotia order is somewhere in customs I believe at NAIA airport. The Heroics and Ros order was only made on 3 August (hmm, maybe within August budget then 🙂 ) so I do not expect that for at least another four to six weeks. The delay is not the at the Heroics and Ros end, their turnaround is usually quite good, but rather parcels working their way through the Philippine Postal Service.

Looking at the list of figures above, perhaps I should have calculated these things ahead of time, I think I need another three artillery pieces and I maybe have enough infantry for one more company of infantry (4 companies instead of three).

Hmm, maybe a slight over achievement.

* I must admit that I also spent my June and May allowance and half my August allowance at the same time and, as a result, have a number of other batches of figures and a couple of board games on the way. Now will be a period of painting to reduce the size of the painting queue a wee bit, as well as catch up on reading some books.

7 thoughts on “Another Project – World War 2 French in 6mm

  1. Western Keep 17 January 2021 / 10:47 am

    Very interesting I just added to my French 6mm collection in hopes of getting an army painted up for Spearhead. I purchased many of the same vehicles as you did, but more from GHQ and CinC, 1/285 but still a good number from H&R and Scotia. I should perhaps get a few more that are on your list and not my list yet, mainly transports. I hate paying a lot of money for trucks as they don’t stay on the board long as if the infantry are smart they dismount before they get into enemy range. So I will buy from Scotia or H&R 1/300. I know the French did purchase some U.S. 2.5 ton trucks. Which truck do you think was the main one(s) used for troop transport by the French?
    Would be interested in seeing the progress you make on painting the French AFVs and infantry. I have enough AFVs painted for a game but need to get some infantry painted, may try the new contrast paints on them.

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    • Thomo the Lost 17 January 2021 / 1:16 pm

      I just used a mix of the French trucks available at H&R and scotia. I do like the GHQ but price is s little prohibitive. Having said that I have many late War Soviets, Allies and Germans. My Hungarians will be GHQ. I find Heroics and Ros figures are more robust and stand up to game treatment longer than GHQ, and CinC is positively spindly.


      • Western Keep 18 January 2021 / 11:59 pm

        I agree that the CinC infantry and early GHQ infantry were very fragile with thin ankles. The newer GHQ individual infantry and block infantry are more durable plus the prone CinC figures that come on their own base. However I also like and use the H&R infantry as the are very durable and have good dynamic poses, they make up the bulk of my painted 6mm infantry. Alder and Hallmark make good figures.also but I think the latter are no longer available.

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      • Thomo the Lost 19 January 2021 / 12:04 am

        I never saw Hallmark 6mm. I should admit that my 6mm WW2 Early War Soviets are Adler – nice with some cavalry as well. The AFVs for that were GHQ (took advantage of the sales and a brief period when the Aussie dollar was almost at 1:1 with the greenback.


  2. Western Keep 17 January 2021 / 11:54 am

    Further to my last comment here is my list of French W.W.II 6mm figures:

    In current French collection:

    10 x Char B1 Bis GHQ
    9 x Somua S-35 GHQ
    4 x SomuaS-35 H&R
    15 x Hotchkiss H-39 GHQ
    5 x Panhard 178 AC GHQ
    12 x Renault R-35 GHQ
    10 x Tracteur Blindee 37L GHQ
    15x Renault R-39 GHQ
    15 x Hotchkiss H-40 GHQ
    8 x Renault H-35 Cavalry tank CinC
    4 x 25 mm M1934 ATG CinC (missing?)
    4 x 25mm M1934 ATG Scotia (missing?)
    3 x 75mm Horse drawn H&R
    1 x 75 mm Artillery Scotia FS12 (missing?)
    6 x 47mm ATG & crew H&R
    11 x Motorcycles Scotia NE10 (some for use with British or Russians?)
    5 x Studabaker 2.5t Truck Scotia NTO 14 (used by Russians or French?)
    13 x Studabaker 2.5 truck H&R US 40 (used by Russians or French?)
    50 x French Individual Inf. GHQ FR10
    50 x French Heavy weapons GHQ FR11
    1 packet (50) French Infantry H&R FR1
    1 packet French Heavy Weapons H&R FR2

    Purchased Scotia Grendel January 2021

    3 x 25mm Anti Tank Gun (FS0013)
    3 x Motorbikes with Rider and Panniers (NE011)
    2 x Renault AMR 33vm Light Tank (FS0002)
    4 x M-35 105mm Howitzer (Firing) (FS0015)

    Purchased Heroics and Ros January 2021
    4 x F27 – Lorraine 28 troop carrier
    7 x F15 – Tracked personnel trailer
    7 x F14 – Lorraine 38L APC Gun Tractor
    4 x F34 – Unic P107 Light prime mover
    2 x F30 – Laffly V15R Recce Car
    1 x F29 – French 4.5 T truck
    4 x F17 – French gun crew kneeling
    1 x F31 – Peugeot 402 staff car
    8 x F24 – 70B heavy artillery tractor

    Purchased GHQ Jan 2021
    6 x AMR 35 & AMR ZT 2
    2 x 25mm with limber
    2 x 47mm ATG with limber


    • Thomo the Lost 17 January 2021 / 1:20 pm

      Am impressive collection. I am building for Blitzkrieg Commander forces and maybe I’ll need some more but being in the Philippines, I need international mail to return to something like normal


  3. Western Keep 18 January 2021 / 11:46 pm

    I use Spearhead or Micro Armour the Game so my collection is based on that. But Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC) is based on the same scale of 1 platoon = 1 base so the organization should be the same. I tried Blitzkrieg Commander when it first came out around 2005 and while I liked the command and control system based on Warmaster I did not like the combat system, it just did not capture the flavour of W.W.II for me. I felt more like a battle of attrition where you try to accumulate suppression markers on enemy stands trying to get enough to destroy them before the turn ends and all the suppression or hit markers are removed (good for First World War). That being said I see there is now a 4th edition, perhaps those problems have been resolved,

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