I am currently in the middle of something all wargamers love to do … plan something. Normally it is a new period, or a battle reenactment, or a new army for competition, or a painting schedule, or something similar. So, I am planning something.

The last couple of nights as I have been thinking (OK those 10 minutes before sleep), I was thinking that blogs still provide a good, easy to search, record of something, especially something that changes over time. Of course, being as I am a boomer, I can still do things like add numbers in my head and use a pen and paper. Them young whippersnappers these days, well, they are all into Vlogs and such. I have a couple of favourites I will admit. Some I watch for fun, some for wargame painting and terrain building technique and ideas. Others are more along the line of a series that would not be amiss on TV as part of the History Channel or similar.

I then got to thinking about the past – the episodes of Callan where our hero was painting figures or playing an evil enemy across the wargame table, or BBC 2’s Time Commanders and one or two others.

Lastly, it occurred to me that once something is on the Internet … it never truly dies. Whether it is a blog on a shared service that lives on long after the writer departs, or as an echo from the past in the Wayback Machine, or from being shared by people who enjoyed it and it ends up copied across many social media platforms, it just seems to survive.

So, I thought I would combine the best of a both worlds at the moment. Wargaming, especially figure gaming, is something I can talk about. There are other things I can discuss, such as economics, business practices, banking and such, but to do that I would need to get clearances from my employer, so wargaming it is. I have been blogging in one form or another since the late 1990s (OK, so back then it was a home page with new content added when I could get around to writing it in HTML). Over the past year or two I have also started to upload a few videos to YouTube. These have been rough and ready affairs and mostly covering parcels received from various figure suppliers.

I am going to start to put an effort into the Videos. They will cover my view of wargaming and my general interests and occasionally, anything that pops up and gets up my nose. At the same time, I will back the videos with blog posts here. I will keep book reviews on the blog as well as any bizarre travel tales or food stories. The YouTube channel will mostly be wargaming.

So, Thomo’s Hole will expand. As I am almost out of space here in WordPress, I am also looking at buying more space and maybe going back to self hosting so there will be plenty to keep me busy in the evening hours, er, when there is not a good Aussie Rules or Rugby (either version) match on and a beer on the bar! Oh, and I am not planning on trying to monetize the channel, not unless a bazillion subscribers turns up! 😉

6 thoughts on “Planning

  1. anthony 25 January 2020 / 6:10 pm

    So upgrade to a personal site and get 6GB or to a premium site and get 13GB? So $4 a month, or $8…so basically $1 or $2 a week…will your retirement bear such an expense?


    • Thomo the Lost 25 January 2020 / 6:47 pm

      Yeah I was thinking of that, or self hosting which gives me more freedom to do things in the blog. In any case I want to explore what I can do with videos a little as well.


      • anthony 25 January 2020 / 6:57 pm

        You can post on a youtube channel, and then embed the videos in a post. I used to use Blogger and while I am still a wordpress newbie, it has far more power, even more so, if you can program a little HTML and CSS.

        I’m looking forward to your videos…and not just the “ohhh a box arrived in Manila”…hehe


      • Thomo the Lost 25 January 2020 / 7:00 pm

        Hehe, yeah they were early efforts. Slowly getting it together. First efforts will be based around ancient warming and 6mm in particular

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    • Thomo the Lost 29 January 2020 / 1:50 pm

      Not yet – work and the real world has been intruding rather severely over recent days.


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