World of Tanks Miniatures Game

World of Tanks Miniatures Game – starter set

I must admit that I have enjoyed playing World of Tanks on my Play Station for a year or so. When I moved apartments I stopped playing. Actually, it was not a case so much of stopping playing but rather inertia. I’ve been here two years and still have a few boxes that I have not unpacked. The Play Station is one of them.

Recently, in conjunction with Gale Force 9, World of Tanks released a miniatures game of the computer game. The starter set comes with four assembled, painted plastic tanks, dice, tank cards, terrain, tokens, crew and equipment upgrade cards and damage deck. Kt seems everything you need to play a game.

There are no rules mentioned but they do note the game is simple, quick to learn so perhaps the rules are on the back of the box. They will also be releasing additional models over time.

A one hour quick game from the Lardies

This came out about the same time that I was considering buying Too Fat Lardies “What a Tanker“. Just for the record, I still have not managed to buy it but I suspect the problem there is with PayPal and/or Bank of Philippine Islands – and I am betting on PayPal. Even using my PayPal account against my Aussie Bank with sufficient funds, it is rejecting.

I digress. So I am looking at purchasing What a Tanker from the Lardies. That will come with a Rulebook, and if I want , some tokens. I will need to supply my own tanks. This I prefer to the potted game as I can choose scale, the vehicles I want to use, basically all the “hardware”.

There has been a trend over recent years for potted miniatures games, and yes I realise that Warhammer and Wings of War have been available for many years but I am referring to Black Seas, Cruel Seas and the like. Now World of Tanks is added.

I can see the benefit of the potted games, my number two son for example, now has 39 ships for Black Seas and has definitely been attracted back into wargaming. I just can’t get into those potted games myself. I may well use the Cruel Seas rules, but they will be used with models I’ve researched and painting myself.

Damn, I think I am getting old and grumpy! Anyway have a look at the World of Tanks, especially if you want to attract someone into wargaming.

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3 thoughts on “World of Tanks Miniatures Game

  1. John@justneedsvarnish 1 August 2020 / 1:26 am

    Interesting! 🙂 I just simplified my own WW2 rules for quick tank games and they worked fine but, then again, one of the advantages of being old and grumpy is that you can usually find some rules that will do the job that you’re already familiar with! Here’e hoping you get to enjoy some tank games soon!

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  2. Andrew Miller 1 August 2020 / 4:26 pm

    As you say, these potted rules are a good way to get people into gaming and can form a basis to modify with ‘house rules’ etc (Wings of War/Wings of Glory is a prime example) – I play Cruel Seas using 1/600 ships – I dont see why, just because they brought out their own ships, I can’t use mine, still makes for a good game !

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