PhilPost and Slingshot — Back to Work

They might look like plain envelopes to you, but to me they are a few night’s good reading!

PhilPost has re-started clearing its backlog, after the last Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) period in Metro Manila.

I did miss that MECQ as I was away in the provinces. I fact, I arrived in Pampanga in the morning on 2 August 2020. The prez came out in the evening of 2 August and noted a return to MECQ for Metro Manila for at least two weeks.

So, staying in Pampanga won out, see Work in Progress, On the Workbench — Nil, Nada, Nothing … although it was a little expensive and the bank account hemorrhaged for a couple of weeks but the burgers and beers were most relaxing.

Two issues of Slingshot await my return to Makati

I got back to Makati Saturday 22 August after a three week sojourn. BAck in the office Monday to see the last two issues of Slingshot on my desk. They were received into Makati Central Posit office in July. Interestingly, the May/June issue arrived AFTER the July/August issue. I should note that I am still waiting the arrival of the March/April issue.

I guess the backlog of mail and parcels etc is cleared from the bags nearest the door, and they are the ones that come in last.

Mind you, if you have any sort of interest in Ancient Wargaming, or Ancient military history for that matter, I do recommend the Society of Ancients. Slingshot is their journal and it does arrive regularly in the letterbox.

Right, time for a coffee and a little read!


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