Keeping Numbers Up

I noticed that when there is a quiet period with few posts here in Thomo’s Hole, the number of visitors drops. I thought that I could try what many YouTubers do and set some clickbait in motion with headlines like:

You Won’t Believe This … Thomo trims his toenails!!!!


We were amazed that the Philippines has this … fish and chips at the pub!!!


Unbelievable … Angeles City Sports Bars are open to serve food and beer while showing sport – you won’t see this in Singapore!!!

I decided that was not going to work as the discerning readers here would see straight through that in a matter of moments. Instead, I thought, that as I was listening The Clash singing Charlie Don’t Surf at the time of writing, I would add something ocean based.

The YouTube video below is your intrepid correspondent dealing with a Maui shore break in 2015, for you entertainment.

The only thing broken that day was my toe. 🙂

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