PHLPOST comes through — Slingshot Arrives

PHLPOST appears to be rebranding itself from the old to something newer. And given that I moved to Angeles City just over a month ago, and notified the Society of Ancients of my new address just over 2 months ago, it was a happy surprise today when  the September/October issue of Slingshot found its way across the front fence (we don’t really have a letterbox here).

Waiting for a break from the work day to settle in to a good read of this issue. Topics in it include”

  • Every Man’s Hand – a ruleset for historical medieval jousts – the real ones not the Hollywood type
  • Garamantes – a DBMM Army List fine-tuned
  • Going Back to Gaugamela – refighting that battle using l’Art de la Guerre
  • The Sound of Battle – a general’s ability to communicate through sound signals
  • An Armati List for Cyrus the Great
  • Counting the Enemy – how big was the Caledonian army at Mons Graupius?
  • Telamon in Anaheim – Battle of Telemon using DBA rules
  • T’angoed! – the T’ang military machine and a recreation in 15mm
  • Warfare in Antiquity – the King’s College conference from 2019
  • plus the usual Guardroom, book and rules reviews and figure reviews

Plenty of entertaining reading is this issue and kudos to the new look PHLPOST for tracking me down and delivering so quickly. With Slingshot in one hand and a single malt in the other I can well feel that the world is slowly returning to something like normal, at least here in the exotic East!

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