Lard Magazine 2020

Just in time for Christmas reading comes the Too Fat Lardies Annual. This is now an annual event and this year’s magazine consists of 180 pages of articles, photographs, suggestions, scenarios, complete campaigns, rules amendments, fresh periods to game, previews of future rule sets, build projects unveiled among other things – all grist for the mill for the wargamer.

While, as it would be expected, the magazine focusses on the rulesets and games of the Lardies, there is plenty in there for gamers of other rule sets and periods to amend, hack or use.

The contents this year are:

  • FORCES OF THE 100 DAYS:  A guide to the troops of the campaign of Waterloo for Sharp Practice.
  • WACHT AM SAMBRE:  The Prussians take on the French Armee du Nord as they advance into Belgium
  • RESUPPLY HOUGOUMONT:  A scenario to accompany the 100 Days guide sees action. on the British right at Waterloo.
  • PUNCH UP AT PLANCENOIT:  A classic action to the East of La Belle Alliance sees the French attempt to stop the Prussian juggernaut.
  • MICRO MAP MAKING:  Sidney Roundwood is released from a high security institution to show us how he makes some stunning campaign maps
  • ALL THE KINGS MEN VERSUS DRACULA:  The Price of Darkness takes on the House of Stuart in a blood curdling scenario set in Whitby.  A creepy classic from the pen of David Hiscocks.
  • SOLO CHAIN OF COMMAND:  From the Welsh valleys comes an Artificial Intelligence called Bond.  Geoff Bond.
  • INCH HIGH ROVING EYE:  Mike Whittaker presents some technological insight for gaming IABSM over Zoom from a soldier’s eye viewpoint.
  • FILIBUSTERS!  Colin Murray introduces some Manifest Destiny for Sharp Practice from the 1840’s and 1850’s down Mexico Way…and a bit of Canada.
  • EX ADIPIS SUILLAE:  No thanks, I had one earlier! David Hunter presents an epic of the ancient world as he campaigns through Britannia in the 1st Century AD with Infamy, Infamy!
  • GLIDERS, CROSS THE MERSEY:  Kevin Pierce calls out the Home Guard as Fallschirmjäger land in Liverpool.
  • BOMBS AWAY:  It’s Squadron Leader Johnny Danger taking to the skies again as he offers some tips on bombing in Bag the Hun.
  • TO THE VOLGA!:  International YouTube Superstar, Alex Sotheran attacks into Stalingrad with some ideas for Solo IABSM during Lockdown
  • BETWEEN THE MOUNTAINS AND THE SEA:  Always one for a large Falx, Yorkshire’s own John Savage presents some 100% unofficial lists for Dacians in Infamy, Infamy!
  • HOME FRONT:  Who do you think you’re kidding Mr ‘Itler?  Britain prepares to stand alone and sticks two fingers up to the enemy across the Channel.  Yes, it is (of course!) 1940 and a bumper handbook for Britain’s Home Front and Chain of Command.
  • 24 HOURS FROM ROMFORD:  “This is not a drill…”  German landings in East Anglia threaten to wrong foot Britain’s high command, only the Home Guard stand between the capital and the rampaging Jerries.  A Pint-Size Campaign for Operation Sea Lion.
  • A LOOK AT ‘O’GROUP:  Sidney Roundwood interviews Housewife’s favourite Dave Brown about what we can expect from the forthcoming WWII Battalion size rules.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT TERRAIN:  Oddcast host and wargaming Glitterati, Sidney, proves what they say about small footprints with this fabulous terrain building article.
  • SCRAMBLING FOR SUPPLIES:  Olve Kroknes straps on  on his skis as he heads for Narvik to refight a Chain of Command action in the (snow) shoes of his grandfather.
  • SHE WAS ONLY THE MAGISTRATE’S DAUGHTER…  An AWI scenario for Sharp Practice tells a heart rending tale of  woe.  Can our heroes escape to victory?

Well recommended and at only £5.50, great value for 180 colourful pages of wargaming content.

Available as a PDF at Lard Magazine 2020.

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