PHLPOST — Slingshot July/August Arrives

In one of those bizarre occurrences that has made 2020 a year of, well, bizarre occurrences, PHLPOST managed to deliver my July/August copy of Slingshot to the Makati Office last week, where they had delivered the September/October copy to my home in Angeles City the week before (see PHLPOST comes through — Slingshot Arrives).

To be fair, I guess the backlog being cleared is greater in Metro Manila that here in the province so maybe a bit slower. Still, the important thing is the read, and another cracking read it is.

Topics in it include:

  • Honour and Loss – Phil Sabin recounts his long and stimulating acquaintance with Patrick Waterson
  • Sumerian Military Camel Riders
  • What a Wheelie – Chariots anyone?
  • In the Lab with Legions – How does one model the triplex acies legion on the gaming table?.
  • Making 15mm Siena Military Companies
  • Refighting Cannae
  • Aquae Sextiae with DBA
  • plus the usual Guardroom, book and rules reviews and figure reviews

Just the thing to read on a cold winter’s night here where the temperature has plummeted to 24 degrees Celsius.

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