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Note: I have moved these ratings to a more static location here and will add further burger reviews there – click on Cheeseburgers to see the full display and Cheeseburgers of Angeles City

I decided that I really should get back to cheeseburgers as, after all, that is mentioned in the title banner of Thomo’s Hole, and those that know me, know that I am partial to a good burger, especially if accompanied by a beer and a suitable sporting contest on a big screen!

You can tell a lot about a restaurant/pub/café/diner/food truck by the quality of the burger. In the interests of science then I plan to resurrect a task I once undertook in Mongolia, and that was the assessment of the local burgers.

As this is my assessment, I will note price as cheap, average and expensive and rate the burger out of 10 flavour-wise … or at least how my taste buds respond to it.

The burgers being sampled will be a standard cheeseburger – be that a menu item or a request for a burger with cheese added. Nothing special or additional and no comment on the chips or fries that come with it, or indeed if it is served with no fries.

The construction will be assessed (from the bottom up, bun, lettuce, tomato, beef patty (if it ain’t beef, it’s a sandwich), onion if caramelised, cheese, onion if raw, bun. That is a standard Mark I Cheeseburger. Pickles are an add-on, beetroot is mandatory … however, as I am not in Australia I will give that a miss. The bun should be robust enough to hold together until the last mouthful, retaining as much burger juice as possible and while the burger may be delivered to the table deconstructed, it should not require deconstructing or the use of utensils other than fingers for eating. Lastly, accompaniment should be a cold beer.


The burger from Tequila Reef
7/10 — $$

Tequila Reef

Tequila Reef is a Mexican themed restaurant and bar near Angeles main entertainment area. It is popular with both local and expats, in part because of its tasty food at reasonable prices.

The Burger was ordered and cheese requested. The burger itself was constructed well with a substantial, well seasoned patty. American cheese. tomato and pickles on the burger with a slice of raw onion and lettuce on the side. Crinkle cut chips also accompanied the burger. The lettuce and onion was added (and pickles removed) to the burger. While the burger was well seasoned it had been cooked to well done and was a little dry. This dryness was quickly fixed with some cold beer. The burger could be handled with one hand. Overall, the burger is about a 7/10 on my assessment and its pricing is in the 300 to 400 peso range so $$. A nice burger, reasonable priced before heading out for further entertainment and drinking.

Flavour 7/10, price $$

The Envy Burger
8/10 — $$$


The Envy Burger is found in the Envy Sports Bar on Fields Avenue. It is right across the road from Phillies, one of the local landmarks. The burger is large and is served with French fries (I guess you pay a little extra for the nice basket) The burger is well constructed with, from the bottom up, bun, lettuce, tomato, patty, pickles, onion rings, cheese and bun.

The patty is nicely juicy and I guess they are using an 80/20 meat to fat mix. It is well seasoned and nicely caramelised. The onion in the form of onion rings is a nice variation on the standard burger. The bun holds together well. My main criticism with this burger is that you would need to be able to dislocate your jaw to get it in so you need to deconstruct it to eat. This is a recommended burger however, if you are in Angeles City.

For flavour, 8/10 but price is $$$.

Moon’s Bar
5/10 — $

Moon’s Bar

The cheeseburger to the right comes from my local pub near where I am currently living – Moon’s Bar. The burger comes solo (no fries) and is well constructed. From the bottom up, bun, lettuce, patty, cheese, tomato, cucumber, raw onion, sesame seed bun top.

Firstly! Who put cucumber on a burger? It was removed!

The patty was kind of odd. It looked like a chicken patty and also looked and tasted like it has been deep fried, or at least friend in a lot of oil. Apart from that and allowing for the cucumber, for the price it was reasonable – it was under 300 pesos. It was not one of my favourite burgers although I may try one more from there and see if there is a change in the patty. On the plus side, that pub does make a nice potato scallop (a typical fried food from New South Wales in Australia). Rating is 5/10 for flavour but price is $.

Paradise Burger
7/10 — $$


Paradise is a new sports bar down the McDonald’s end of Walking Street, having replaced the previous sports bar. Paradise is also a good kicking off joint for some pub crawling.

The burger has been well constructed with bun, lettuce, patty, tomato, onion, cucumber, cheese and bun. It was served with French fries. Off with the cucumber first.

Patty is well seasoned and remained juicy to the end. It can be squashed enough to eat without deconstructing.

Rating is 7/10 for flavour and $$ for price.

6/10 — $$


Insomnia is a new “resto-bar” that has opened during the pandemic. Previously it was an “entertainment” bar but those types of bars that made Fields Avenue and Walking Street famous as a red-light district have all been closed. As a result, a number of them have reinvented themselves and opened as sports bars or resto-bars. The main requirement from City Hall and/or the barangay to get a license again is that they should be showing sports (eat your heart out Singapore friends), must serve food and should not have “entertainers”.

Insomnia was one such bar and it has recently opened as a resto-bar. The burger, kind of blue in the image due to the lighting in the bar, was surprisingly good and a great way to start Wednesday night’s beer night.

The burger was served with crinkle cut fries and consisted of bun, sad piece of lettuce, patty, caramelised onion, cheese, pickles, tomato and sesame seed bun. The patty was not seasoned much but basically just meat. The meat did remain juicy until then last mouthful and the burger could be be managed with fingers only.

Flavour I reckon is about a 6/10 but price is at the low end of $$ so reasonable value, paired with an ice cold Heineken.

The Future

If only for the craic, as the Irish say, I will update this post from time to time, as I have a burger from a new location around Pampanga (the province that Angeles City is in). I will also likely move this from a post into a series of pages for a more static home. However, first things first – beer night is tomorrow night this week and perhaps it is time for the next Cheeseburger!

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7 thoughts on “Angeles Burgers

  1. Greg Kelleher 16 January 2021 / 7:10 am

    I suppose that you could consider cucumber unprocessed pickles!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. anthony 16 January 2021 / 9:49 am

    This is likely to be a long comment, (I thought about emailing it, but FI) as I seek some clarity around your criterion, mainly cause I think this is a brilliant idea and would give me an excuse to try the same.

    I get your criteria, especially the build order, I would always think cheese should go on the patty then onion (raw or caramelised), and would skip the beetroot (since I don’t like it), but since I usually add bacon, who am I to quibble.

    Do you add condiments…and is it just sauce, sauce/mustard, or is it ~shudder~ BBQ sauce?

    Tequila Reef: deconstructed, lettuce not on burger when served allowing time for the bun to go soggy, though as stated it was well done so that might be moot.

    So, point deductions for deconstructed, over cooked, and then, taste?

    Envy: Doesn’t adding Onion Rings, change your metric when measuring? Do you remove the pickles? And if it is so big how did you eat it without wearing it?

    Paradise: Cucumber on a burger, gets it the same score as Tequila Reef?

    mmm…so my query is really around how you deduct points? Or is the score really all made based on taste? Do you have the same beer to wash it down each time? Or at least the same “style” of beer?

    As said, I think this is a brilliant idea, and now I am living on the Malaysian border might try the same thing for the local haunts…but I want to et the criteria a bit clearer so we might better be able to compare.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thomo the Lost 16 January 2021 / 12:01 pm

    Hey mate, at the end of the day, it is the total flavour that counts. So, for example, the Envy burger has a great taste, even though one has to deconstruct it to eat the damned thing. I guess we could adopt a more scientific approach, say, starting at 5/10 then:

    +1 seasoning in the patty
    +1 construction (including height, i.e., can you get it in your gob in one go)
    +1 juicy – is the burger meat moist, if you squeeze do you see a little flavour leaking out (OK, oil)
    +1 the bun – is it dense enough to hold together until the end of the burger but at the same time, light and fluffy enough to be enjoyable eating
    -1 cucumber or other unwanted items (I’ll forgive pickles but not cucumber)
    -1 undercooked … read – burger tartar
    -1 overcooked
    +1 just a creat eating experience – you know you will be back for another in a week or two’s time!

    On the strength of that – Paradise and Tequila would score about the same – one had cucumber and the other was over-cooked!

    It’s a start at least 😉


  4. anthony 16 January 2021 / 3:06 pm

    Do you put Sauce on? Or does the burger have to stand on it’s own?


    • Thomo the Lost 16 January 2021 / 3:42 pm

      Sauce, mayo etc is optional – if it is on the burger great (Aussie burgers come pre-sauced for example).


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