The Thompson Names

Originally Posted by: ThomoTheLost on 1 August 2003 at 06:04

This ancient family name is found in all regions of Britain but particularly along the English/Scottish border where the usual spelling is Thomson.

Early records show an Elborard filius Thomo as living in the Cambridge area in the year 1273 and further entries show listings of a John Thomson in 1318 and a John Thompson in the Whitby area of Yorkshire in 1349; also Ralph Thommyssone in Suffolk in 1381.

Surnames were introduced to the British Isles by the Normans during the 11th Century. They were a way of further identifying people, and were usually patronymic (eg John son of Richard), local (eg John by the Brook), a trade name (eg John the Smith) or a nickname (eg John the Little).

Thompson is a patronymic name, meaning “son of Tom” or Thomas.

The ancient family motto was TEIPSUM (latin), meaning “Know thyself”.

Thomo the Lost

Thomo the Lost is a nickname that I kind of acquired over the years. It all started in the earlier days of the Internet when e-mail and such was starting to take off but before there was much in the way of personal web-sites everywhere. I subscribed to a mailing list and had got to talking to the odd member of the list by e-mail. At one stage, I was due to travel from the United Kingdom back to Australia and mentioned this to Jeff Bolton from the DBM List. The next e-mail he read from me came from Malaysia and naturally he asked what I was doing there, rather than being back in Australia. I told him in jest that I had turned right at Hong Kong, rather than veering right. He then started to refer to me as the lost one. After that, it kind of got shortened to Thomo the Lost and that is where that handle came from.

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