Angeles Burgers

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I decided that I really should get back to cheeseburgers as, after all, that is mentioned in the title banner of Thomo’s Hole, and those that know me, know that I am partial to a good burger, especially if accompanied by a beer and a suitable sporting contest on a big screen!

You can tell a lot about a restaurant/pub/café/diner/food truck by the quality of the burger. In the interests of science then I plan to resurrect a task I once undertook in Mongolia, and that was the assessment of the local burgers.

As this is my assessment, I will note price as cheap, average and expensive and rate the burger out of 10 flavour-wise … or at least how my taste buds respond to it.

The burgers being sampled will be a standard cheeseburger – be that a menu item or a request for a burger with cheese added. Nothing special or additional and no comment on the chips or fries that come with it, or indeed if it is served with no fries.

The construction will be assessed (from the bottom up, bun, lettuce, tomato, beef patty (if it ain’t beef, it’s a sandwich), onion if caramelised, cheese, onion if raw, bun. That is a standard Mark I Cheeseburger. Pickles are an add-on, beetroot is mandatory … however, as I am not in Australia I will give that a miss. The bun should be robust enough to hold together until the last mouthful, retaining as much burger juice as possible and while the burger may be delivered to the table deconstructed, it should not require deconstructing or the use of utensils other than fingers for eating. Lastly, accompaniment should be a cold beer.


The burger from Tequila Reef
7/10 — $$

Tequila Reef

Tequila Reef is a Mexican themed restaurant and bar near Angeles main entertainment area. It is popular with both local and expats, in part because of its tasty food at reasonable prices.

The Burger was ordered and cheese requested. The burger itself was constructed well with a substantial, well seasoned patty. American cheese. tomato and pickles on the burger with a slice of raw onion and lettuce on the side. Crinkle cut chips also accompanied the burger. The lettuce and onion was added (and pickles removed) to the burger. While the burger was well seasoned it had been cooked to well done and was a little dry. This dryness was quickly fixed with some cold beer. The burger could be handled with one hand. Overall, the burger is about a 7/10 on my assessment and its pricing is in the 300 to 400 peso range so $$. A nice burger, reasonable priced before heading out for further entertainment and drinking.

Flavour 7/10, price $$

The Envy Burger
8/10 — $$$


The Envy Burger is found in the Envy Sports Bar on Fields Avenue. It is right across the road from Phillies, one of the local landmarks. The burger is large and is served with French fries (I guess you pay a little extra for the nice basket) The burger is well constructed with, from the bottom up, bun, lettuce, tomato, patty, pickles, onion rings, cheese and bun.

The patty is nicely juicy and I guess they are using an 80/20 meat to fat mix. It is well seasoned and nicely caramelised. The onion in the form of onion rings is a nice variation on the standard burger. The bun holds together well. My main criticism with this burger is that you would need to be able to dislocate your jaw to get it in so you need to deconstruct it to eat. This is a recommended burger however, if you are in Angeles City.

For flavour, 8/10 but price is $$$.

Moon’s Bar
5/10 — $

Moon’s Bar

The cheeseburger to the right comes from my local pub near where I am currently living – Moon’s Bar. The burger comes solo (no fries) and is well constructed. From the bottom up, bun, lettuce, patty, cheese, tomato, cucumber, raw onion, sesame seed bun top.

Firstly! Who put cucumber on a burger? It was removed!

The patty was kind of odd. It looked like a chicken patty and also looked and tasted like it has been deep fried, or at least friend in a lot of oil. Apart from that and allowing for the cucumber, for the price it was reasonable – it was under 300 pesos. It was not one of my favourite burgers although I may try one more from there and see if there is a change in the patty. On the plus side, that pub does make a nice potato scallop (a typical fried food from New South Wales in Australia). Rating is 5/10 for flavour but price is $.

Paradise Burger
7/10 — $$


Paradise is a new sports bar down the McDonald’s end of Walking Street, having replaced the previous sports bar. Paradise is also a good kicking off joint for some pub crawling.

The burger has been well constructed with bun, lettuce, patty, tomato, onion, cucumber, cheese and bun. It was served with French fries. Off with the cucumber first.

Patty is well seasoned and remained juicy to the end. It can be squashed enough to eat without deconstructing.

Rating is 7/10 for flavour and $$ for price.

6/10 — $$


Insomnia is a new “resto-bar” that has opened during the pandemic. Previously it was an “entertainment” bar but those types of bars that made Fields Avenue and Walking Street famous as a red-light district have all been closed. As a result, a number of them have reinvented themselves and opened as sports bars or resto-bars. The main requirement from City Hall and/or the barangay to get a license again is that they should be showing sports (eat your heart out Singapore friends), must serve food and should not have “entertainers”.

Insomnia was one such bar and it has recently opened as a resto-bar. The burger, kind of blue in the image due to the lighting in the bar, was surprisingly good and a great way to start Wednesday night’s beer night.

The burger was served with crinkle cut fries and consisted of bun, sad piece of lettuce, patty, caramelised onion, cheese, pickles, tomato and sesame seed bun. The patty was not seasoned much but basically just meat. The meat did remain juicy until then last mouthful and the burger could be be managed with fingers only.

Flavour I reckon is about a 6/10 but price is at the low end of $$ so reasonable value, paired with an ice cold Heineken.

The Future

If only for the craic, as the Irish say, I will update this post from time to time, as I have a burger from a new location around Pampanga (the province that Angeles City is in). I will also likely move this from a post into a series of pages for a more static home. However, first things first – beer night is tomorrow night this week and perhaps it is time for the next Cheeseburger!

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Salad Rolls

That ain’t a cheeseburger – it’s a salad roll

Feeling like a visit to TGIF last Sunday after a spot of shopping in Glorietta Mall, I stopped in and was thinking that a cheeseburger and a beer would be a suitable Sunday evening repast.

So, after completing the contact tracing form, being shot in the head (36.3 degrees for those interested) and disinfecting my hands for the ninth time that day in some Isopropyl alcohol, I followed the arrows on the floor to my socially distant seat. Next to the QR code menu and ordering link, I saw the abomination illustrated to the right.

Cheeseburger at Handlebar, Plobacion, Makati City

First, let me state up front, I have no issues with vegies, in fact, I even enjoy some of them on my cheeseburgers. However, there is only one true definition of a burger and that is a piece of meat between two buns! And that meat should be beef.

The cheeseburger to the left is the perfect example. Well seasoned minced beef patty, built on a bed of lettuce, tomato and in this case fresh onion, with cheese on the top and a toasted bun, toasted to give it the extra strength to hold together until the last mouthful.

The burger should not require any utensils to eat it with other than those provided by the good Lord at your birth – your hands and fingers!

So called “chicken burgers” are chicken sandwiches or chicken rolls. “Pulled pork” cannot be used in a burger, but can in a roll, a baguette, a Philly.

Apart from the beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion (whether raw or caramelised), the burger can also contain bacon, egg, beetroot (Aussie burgers standard issue) and arguably pineapple – there is a debate about whether pineapple can be used, similar to the Hawaiian pizza debate. Add to that a condiment of choice – tomato sauce/ketchup or BBQ or HP/A1.

So, the picture at the top is NOT a burger – it is a salad roll!


A Good Chilli Sauce – Bonifacio’s Revenge

2014-11-03 00.28.27

Our local Greek restaurant has a really nice hot chilli sauce that they provide with dinner. You can also buy a bottle to take away.

Sunday I decided to cook some Chilli. Grabbed some minced beef, white beans, kidney beans, chopped tomato, Tabasco, onions, garlic and Bonafacio’s Revenge extra hot chilli sauce.

Simple recipe, basically toss it all into the pan and cook. Done. I served it with some pasta elbows.

The Bonafacio’s Revenge is described as XXXtra Hot – and it is. Apart from being one of the hottest chilli sauces I have had in my time, it is also one of the best.

And the Chilli itself? The food critic gave it a 10/10.

OK, I misspelled “Bonifacio” in the title since corrected – my excuse is not being able to see clearly for a period after eating it

Cheeseburger — Brother’s Burgers

Burger Brothers Cheeseburger - it's a chain but at $6.50 including chips and a Coke Zero, who's complaining?
Burger Brothers Cheeseburger – it’s a chain but at $6.50 including chips and a Coke Zero, who’s complaining?

Brother’s Burgers is a small burger chain in the Philippines. They have sixteen stores across the Philippines with one, fortunately, just up the road.

We were heading out to go to the Makati Marauders wargame club and decided to grab a bite on the way. Many eating places in central Makati were closed because it was a public holiday. Brother’s Burgers were the first eatery we came across that was open.

In we went.

Madam opted for the Extreme Bacon Burger whilst I went for my humble cheeseburger. I took mine in a meal which included chips and a Coke Zero for PHP 280 (about US $6.50).

The burger was served on a bun that was robust enough to hold the burger and the juice from the burger down to the last mouthful. There was a meat patty, about 250 grams in size on the bun with raw onion, tomato and an American processed cheddar cheese. On the top half of the bun was several leaves of lettuce. A slice of pickles rounded this out.

As with the Strand Burger, Romaine lettuce was used. Putting the top on, taking a firm grip on the burger and then biting, my taste buds were immediately titillated by the various flavours and textures. The patty was nicely seasoned and had been cooked well – cooked to well done but still juicy. Altogether, it was a nice burger and one I would happily grab for a sub $8 lunch again.

How did it rate against my baseline burger. To be honest, I think I prefer this one a little more so I would rate it 7/10. This was surprising as it is, after all, from a burger chain (although admittedly, a small chain).

Grab one!

Brother’s Burgers!

Cheeseburger — the Strand

The Cheeseburger from the Strand
The Cheeseburger from the Strand

The Strand is the restaurant attached to One Pacific Place in Makati City, Manila, where we are staying at the moment.

I thought I would start the great Philippines Cheeseburger hunt here and set this as the baseline burger. It was not a bad idea. As far as burger go, it was reasonable. The patty was seasoned giving a slightly savoury flavour. The patty was cooked so that there was some pink still in the centre and was therefore still quite moist.

The burger itself was served on a bun that held together until the last two mouthfuls although it was a little sweet – a problem with many foods in the Philippines.

On the bun was lettuce (Romaine was used), tomato, pickle, the patty, raw onion and a cheddar cheese. It was served with chips that had been lightly battered in some seasoning with a small side salad dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. The chips were interesting in flavour and texture, bending under their own weight as they were held up but overall, OK.

Cost was 375 pesos (about $9.00) and I’d rate this 6/10 as the baseline burger for the Philippines.

The New Harbour Cheeseburger

The New Harbour CHeeseburger
The New Harbour Cheeseburger

On the way back from the wargame last night, the topic of dinner came up. The lady was looking for Korean first or mussels second. Our favourite Korean restaurant was full so mussels were then Plan B. We stopped into the New Harbour Cafe and Bar on Tanjong Pagar Road where I had a chance to savour a cheeseburger.

The New Harbour is a big cheeseburger with minimal inclusions – a piece of limp lettuce, a slice of tomato and a slice of cucumber. The beef patty however is reasonably seasoned and more importantly, big. The cheese is melted to the patty and the bun is strong enough to last the burger through.

The burger itself is fine and filling but not great. It weighs in at about $16.00 and on the modified Thomo Cheeseburger scale, I’d rate it a 6/10.

I really must put the scale up here at some point in the future.

Food Garage Cheeseburger

The Food Garage Cheeseburger
The Food Garage Cheeseburger

I’ve been on a diet. Yep, Thomo has been trimming down. My first target is to be overweight and in this I am being slowly successful. I only have about 300 grams to go to be overweight.

The diet has been to quit alcohol (with the exception of the very occasional shandy) and eat at least one cheeseburger a week.

Today, for lunch, I needed to head to Chinatown Point here to grab some stuff from the Daiso (the $2 store) and thought I would lunch there. There seemed to be at a table free at Food Garage so I wandered in. There was a cheeseburger there for $14.50 so burger it was.

Meat patty was well cooked but still juicy. Sesame seed bun, a reasonable cheese, ketchup, two types of shredded cabbage, onion and tomato.

A generous burger for the price and good overall flavour. I’d have to call this at about 7/10. Certainly good quality for the money.

The Gun Bar Burger

The Gun Bar Burger - sweet!
The Gun Bar Burger – sweet!

Anthony decided to experiment on Saturday before the French-Indian Wars Big Battle and in an effort to become more acquainted with his barbecue, decided to experiment with a burger. This was partly because of my previous burger posts and partly because he also likes a good burger.

Now, where there is a barbecue involved and the end result is a burger, Thomo is happy to be experimented on. Given the pursuit for the perfect burger in Singapore (and other locations as well it seems), the first bite of any burger needs to be reported on!

A hand-made beef patty lightly seasoned and pressed with care provided the core component of the burger. Taking flavour from the barbecue enriched the flavour. The cheese added to this burger was Brie which provides a nice depth of flavour to the burger. Add tomato, lettuce and onion and the burger provided an excellent meal – and certainly sustenance enough for me to fight the dastardly British to a standstill in North America!

Overall, I reckon this was the standard of a good burger – 7.5/10. Future burgers will need to work hard to taste better.

A Jakarta Burger

The Park Lane Cheeseburger
The Park Lane Cheeseburger

I had a burger today and decided that I should include travelling burgers as well as just those in Singapore.

This then is the first of the Jakarta burgers.

I had it at the Park Lane – an older 5-star hotel. The burger I would rate as a 4/10 2/10 [it was noted to me by Dr Dan that 4/10 was just below average whereas 2 or 3 out of 10 was awful – leaving 0 and 1 out of 10 for the absolutely dreadful]. It was kind of dry and the beef bacon was chewy and did not have a good texture. The patty was beef but had just the minimum of seasoning and little in the way of extra flavour.

There was something that looked like a peppery thousand Island dressing so I asked for tomato ketchup. The tomato, and lettuce was limp – the tomato looked like it has been sliced yesterday and left out of the fridge. The onion still had one layer of skin around the outside. I avoided the pickle altogether and never noticed the mushrooms under the cheese until just now, looking at the picture again.

Overall, this is perhaps the worst burger I have had in the last 12 months with the possible exception of one at the Bull and Bear in Singapore where the centre of the meat patty was a lump, as if minced meat had been minced then squeezed together and frozen then not properly thawed.

Today’s burger was enough to turn me vegetarian – quick, give me a salad!

Cheeseburger – &MADE by Bruno Menard

2013-08-18 19.57.16We had just come back from lunch at the Taphouse and had spent a couple of hours chatting and taking over coffee. We were hungry again and as we were near Scott’s Plaza we decided that we would try what looked like a French Bistro.

They made burgers.

They made other stuff as well, like a steak but all Thomo noticed was that they made burgers.

I had a burger.

You may remember that the lady took me to db bistro moderne in Marina Bay Sands, a restaurant by chef Daniel Boulud, another Michelin Starred chef where I had for a Birthday Dinner – the $42 Burger. I was not so complimentary on that burger. However, chef Bruno Menard’s burger was the business.

For a start, the cost was $19 which compared very favourably with the $42 at db bistro moderne.The burger itself was well cooked and the presentation, whilst simple, was appealing. I was hungry and managed to demolish the chips before I managed to remember to take a photo.

The burger itself consists of a beef patty made with dry aged beef, caramelized onion, French Comte cheese, and a caper and garlic mayonnaise. It is served with a tomato relish.

The burger was delicious. The patty was juicy still and the bread was a treat. I would certainly rate this burger up there with the ones at Two Blur Guys in Tanjong Pagar ((I’m sure I reviewed those burgers here somewhere before but I’ll be dashed if U can see the review)).

In any case, I reckon the B  Burger is worth