The Bergs Cheeseburger

2012-12-05 13.39.23 I ate at Bergs Burgers the other day – the Bergs Cheeseburger was the fare of the day. The burger costs $13.00 and for a few dollars extra you can add a soft drink and a few chips.

One of the nice things with the Berg’s burger is that you are asked whether you want Swiss, Blue or Edam cheese. For my burger I took Edam.

Berg’s serve their burger in a paper bag and what more could you ask – perhaps the best way to serve a burger and no washing up afterwards.

The meat in the burger is well ground beef and very tasty. It is lightly seasoned. Where Berg’s do well is with the construction of the burger. The meat patty is juicy to the end and the bun is tough enough to take that juice until perhaps the last two or three mouthfuls. It doesn’t fall apart.

The burger itself is constructed with lettuce, tomato, onion (I’m missing my beetroot) and added to the burger is an aioli that is rich in garlic – so perhaps not the best burger for lunch. A beer is also available at Berg’s. They are located at two locations in Singapore. I ate at the one at Far East Square, 137 Amoy St, #01-01 Far East Square.

They offer a range of Burgers (including one of my favourites, the Budgie Smuggler).

I’d have to rate the Bergs Cheeseburger an 8.5/10 … maybe a 9! It is a very nice burger and it will be hard to find something better here I think.

The Dome Burger

2012-12-01 20.55.49Those that know me know that I am a man of simple tastes. No pheasant under glass, no duck l’orange, no foi gras for me, no sir. Give me a burger and I am gastronomically happy. I once told a friend of mine in Seoul, the then executive chef at the Seoul Renaissance Hotel, that you could always tell a great chef from the simple meals. Any cook can usually manage a complicated dish and give it a good showing but a truly great chef can take the simplest of meals and make them superb.

He then proceeded to cook me the best burger I had ever had up until that time.

Later, I spent some time in Mongolia and went on the hunt for the best cheeseburger in Ulaanbaatar. The echoes of that hunt can still be seen at Thomo’s Cheesburger Page.

I’ve been around Singapore for nearly two years now and have managed to eat a few burgers and commented on the odd one or two. Today I got to thinking that perhaps I should start the review again so here it is, the first of Thomo’s Singapore Burger tastings.

Before I start on the burger, I should note that a beer is the perfect accompaniment – a good, cold, fresh lager I think is best. Even better is if the burger and beer can be consumed whilst there is a football match being played although that is optional. I should also note that I am in the process of actually trying to shed a kilo or 10 so to that end, I am quitting drinking beer for a month (yes, skipping Christmas but back into it for New Year). Burgers are, of course, healthy, containing as they do carbohydrate, protein and vegetation.

The first burger to come under the microscope was from Saturday night. We had been to see Skyfall (thoroughly recommended – classic style Bond) and the Cathay Cineleisure was full of pre- and barely pubescent individuals so we started hoofing it around town after the movie. We ended up in the Dôme at Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road, Level 4 Isetan Scotts Shaw House, Singapore. I think the Dôme is actually a West Australian organisation but I am happy to be corrected on that.

The burger came and is illustrated in the photograph. Sesame seed bun,fried egg, beef patty, limp lettuce (although the salad served on the side was very crispy and fresh), slice of tomato and sides of chips and salad with some mayonnaise to dip the chips in. The cost for this is S $15.90 (plus service and tax) – about US $13.00.

The burger itself was very pleasant. There was nothing outstanding about it, it was a workmanlike effort. The beef patty was good quality, well seasoned and with a pleasant flavour. The bun held together for the whole burger but was not hard and the egg and tomato added some more layers to the overall flavour. I think it is a little overpriced at S $15.90 but I suspect part of that is paying for the Dôme experience itself.

Overall (and this burger becomes the Singapore benchmark), I’d rate this 7.5/10.

Another Stop, Another Works Burger

20111230-202732.jpgAfter the disappointments with the Coolongoolook Caltex servo we decided to try another location for a meal. We stopped the Rock which is south of Buladelah. There is a food court (a small one) in what was the Leyland Brothers folly. OK, food was cheap but not of the best quality.

I think I would rate the works burger about 6/10 … But I was hungry.

Next. Trip, the Caltex servo in Buladelah.

A New Works Burger

IMG_0402 Readers of Thomo’s Hole will know that Thomo is partial to the odd burger. In the past the burger of choice when travelling to mama’s was always the works burger at the Caltex servo at Coolongolook. That servo appears to have changed hands recently and the quantity and quality of food in the restaurant has diminished.

This trip we decided to try the Mobil servo at Bulahdelah after a recommendation from a bloke I met on a flight from Singapore to Sydney.

The burger was quite good and I’d certainly rate it a 7 or maybe 8 out of 10. The only downside was the tables and chairs. The chairs are fixed to the table which is fixed to the floor. Not so good for a gentleman of more fulsome figure – the empty part of belly being on top of the table and the remaining paunch tucked away Nader under the table. 1 out of 10 for the tables.

Map picture

The Greatest of Tragedies


I’ve gone off cheeseburgers. Really. The last one I had was when I travelled to Singapore and Thailand back in January. Since then, none, zero, nada!

I’m not sure what’s happened – whether somehow subliminally I have gone on to a healthy eating spree. Maybe I’ve become hooked on subway such that I have stopped craving the odd cheeseburger.

Noooooooo, an old habit has died hard!

Another Great Burger

12072009078 One of the joys of visiting my kids in the Canberra area is sometimes having to take lunch at the Central Cafe in Queanbeyan. The Central Cafe is kind of famous for the sheer size of the meals here – well, that and the fact that the meals taste great as well.

You all know by now that Thomo’s favourite haute cuisine is a fine burger (well, apart from iced donuts with flash neon lights that say “eat me, eat me” of course) and as I had not partaken of the burger at Central Cafe before I figured it was time that I did.

What can I say? Simply magnificent. At $13.50 it is a burger with everything – meat patty, egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce (two types I believe), bacon, beetroot and caramelised onion served on a bun with some chunky chips. A great burger. If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Queanbeyan and have a hunger, I can recommend the Central Cafe – I promise you, you will not feel hungry after you leave the cafe.

A Hog of a Cheeseburger

A Hog of a Burger
A Hog of a Burger

Whilst I was in Canberra for Cancon 2009, I caught up with Jeffro and Steve. Steve, of course, is an aficionado of the cheeseburger like his dear Dad so we did lunch. We went to the Hog’s Breath Cafe in Civic in Canberra. Hog’s Breath was chosen as I hadn’t managed to eat at a Hog’s Breath yet and it therefore seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

I looked at the cheeseburger on the menu but opted instead for the Boss Hog Burger. That’s the giant burger you can see next to my hand. Two beef patties each weighing about the same as a small cow cooked on a char grill and served inside an Aussie style bread roll. Add tomato, onion, beetroot, lettuce and a couple of slices of cheddar cheese and a most wonderful burger was created.