First Repairs Done

Before I outlined the possible plans for the weekend and they were:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Go out and drink beer
  3. Get back into wargaming items
15mm DBA armies a little jumbled - these are the Hungarians and Koreans
15mm DBA armies a little jumbled – these are the Hungarians and Koreans

Whilst it was a tough choice as one does enjoy the odd tipple, what finally worked was to drink beer of Friday night (way too much as it turned out) and then I got into some wargaming related stuff today. First cab off the rank was to repair the existing figures after their move from Singapore to Manila. They looked a little messed up when I opened their box:

Figures were jumbled all over the place and there were a number of bent spears. I was more worried about anything that had broken off. Fortunately, nothing was broken off, just a lot of bent spears and the odd paint chip. The paint chips were not seriously noticeable so I have decided to leave them as they are. Now these three DBA armies are ready for battle again.

All the figures here are 15mm scale with the Later Hungarians being from Essex Miniatures, the Nubians are old series Gladiator Games and the Koreans are Alain Touller Figurines.

CanCon 2013 – The Armies are Packed

2013-01-23 23.34.36And ready to go to Canberra, for CanCon 2013. Now I just have to work out what else to pack in the box to prevent damage, although this time it will be hand carried so less damage is likely.

The magnetic basing gives a great deal of stability as can be seen in the photograph.

The Pin-up shots of the troops will come along later.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 11 – Finished

2013-01-23 09.17.43 Yay!

Well, all but for standards, pennons and shield patterns but they will need to wait until after CanCon 2013 as I am not out of time.

However, the Later Hungarians are now presentable enough for the table.

I finished painting the infantry last night, then finished the flocking on the infantry and the cavalry bases. The photos on this page are of the whole army finished and are taken in bits for clarity.

2013-01-23 09.17.30

I’ll get around to doing a proper photographing job at some point in the future with my proper camera. You’ll just have to enjoy the photos that were taken from my iPhone (as were all the painting photos).

I had forgotten to paint a camp (see Oops – DBA CanCon Omission) but the neat thing with the Later Hungarians is that if I am using two war wagons (they are those cart like things) then I don’t need a camp.

Tonight is the final stage, varnishing the figures then packing them for the flight on Friday.

2013-01-23 09.17.15

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 11

2013-01-22 00.11.23 A good night’s painting. I kind of worked on all the infantry at the same time, finishing one element  (the spears). OK, I know, there is no heraldry on the shields. That is one step to far in the time scale available. I’ll add that after CanCon 2013, especially if I can see some appropriate decals in the trader area at CanCon. Picture to the left is the painting progress last night.

Whilst finishing the spears I splashed a fair bit of paint around on the hand-gunners and crossbowmen, as well as the blades (they are the guys with the nasty looking chopping things). 2013-01-22 00.12.24I even managed to get some paint on to the warband. I am fairly certain that I will manage to finish the painting tonight, leaving the varnishing until tomorrow night.

The photo to the right is the painting progress with a rear shot of the spears and crossbowmen.

Lastly the photo below is one of the war wagons. I thought I would finish the base on it last night before retiring to bed so that I had at least one element finished. Actually, I am fairly pleased with the way it has come up although to be fair, the digital camera does hide a multitude of sins.

2013-01-22 00.25.17 Bother – I still have a camp to build/make – another last minute construction.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 10

2013-01-21 00.19.20There’s less than a week to go. Cancon 2013 starts in Canberra next Saturday and I am still painting my armies for the DBA competition. The Koguryo Koreans are finished except for a camp and some varnishing.

This weekend just gone I had planned to get as much of the Hungarians finished as possible. In between painting I needed to fit in a meeting at the pub with some old colleagues – rendering Saturday night useless for painting (and Sunday morning as it turned out as well – there must have been a dirty glass last night).

I therefore wanted to get all the mounted finished.2013-01-21 00.19.46

The photo to the right is the finished mounted troops. The photo to the left, a side view of the same troops.

I don’t consider myself a great painter, just an adequate one. I will note ahead of time that these figures are a bit more slapdash even than my usual efforts.

I want to add some pennons and flags as well as shield heraldry but as I am in a hurry at the moment, I am happy to just have the figures painted well enough to put on the competition table.

I still have the grass flocking to do on the bases yet.

I discovered when having a read of the rules the other night that if I am fielding two war wagons (they are the wagons at the back of the mounted troops) I do not need to provide a camp so that is one less element to worry about.

2013-01-21 00.20.32The second picture on the right is the view from the rear – this is a shot of the back of the elements.

The last picture is the other side- the reverse of the picture on the left.

What is left to do?

I have two bases of close order infantry, a base of crossbowmen, 2 bases of close order guns and four bases of light infantry. That is a total of 26 infantry figures left to paint.

There is also a base of warband but they will only be painted if I have time.

2013-01-21 00.20.03All the painting and varnishing needs to be completed by Wednesday night so that I can pack them Thursday morning to take to Australia.

Currently the travel plans are to fly from Singapore to Sydney late Thursday night. Meet the lady at Central Railway station and take the 6.11pm train to Canberra. That gets in around 10:30pm so it will be straight into a taxi and around to Doug and Gillian’s to lay claim to the Thompson wing for a few days.

Saturday is the start of Cancon. My competition is on Sunday and Monday so on the Saturday I’ll have a chance to have a good look around, catch up with some old friends and such. I may even persuade Håkon to come out for the day.

Sunday and Monday will be spent in competition – I think that will be about 12 games of De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA). The odd thing is that as I am resident in Singapore I am now playing as Team Singapore 🙂

Monday night will be early to bed at Doug and Gillian’s because we are then on the 6:43am train to Sydney. That should get into Sydney Central Station at 11:02am. The Lady is then on the 4:12pm back to Macksville. Meanwhile I will be heading out to the airport to catch the 2:05pm flight back to Singapore.

Right then, that’s everything organised. Now back to the painting tomorrow night.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 9

2013-01-16 00.37.38The Koguryo Koreans are finished enough for Cancon 2013 so it was time to turn my attention back to the Hungarians. After sorting out the jumble that was the figures after transporting from Oz the other day, I looked at the figures needing painting as well as the time available.

I have a business trip to Jakarta this week which means I will lose two night’s painting. Tuesday night I therefore decided to start on the war wagons. These are one of the two lots of figures I can’t borrow from Doug if needed and they are also the replacement for a camp for the Hungarians.

I opted for a simple brown theme – brown wagon, brown horses (well, except for the one that will end up black) and the troops in a basic green and red livery (original for Hungarians huh?).

I managed to get two war wagons finished except for the final brown and black washes and the white socks and blazes for the horses.

The paint jop ion these is really rough however the beauty of the iPhone is that the camera makes them look a lot better than they are.

Next cab off the rank will be either the Knights or the Psiloi – this will be on Friday night and carry into the weekend I should think. I hope the other stuff will be simple enough to get through Monday to Wednesday nights!

Crap! Not much painting time left.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 8

2013-01-11 21.39.10For the last transport leg from Jakarta to Singapore I tried some additional packing – my dirty underwear and socks!


After removing the packing and the bobble wrap the Hungarians looked much like the photo to the left.

Morale of the story – based wargame figures plus air travel by hold baggage to not a happy equation make!

So. what was the full damage report. Mercifully they are Essex Miniatures which are quite robust so most of the damage was riders unseating themselves and bent spears or figures at an odd angle. The photo to the right gives a better idea.2013-01-11 21.42.10

20 minutes of judicious spear and figure straightening has returned everything to rights although I would not want to have too many more spear bending sessions before some spears/lances are going to permanently disappear.

The Koreans are going to lose a spear before Cancon 2013 as the Alain Touller Figurines are a lot more delicate than the Essex.

I had another issue with the Later Hungarians. I felt the base colours are too light – more desert like than steppe like.

2013-01-11 22.00.54I compared the Hungarian bases against the Koguryo and you can see in the photo to the left that the Hungarians have a very yellow appearance

I need to darken it a little. I was thinking of washing with the Acrylic Brown I used for the base coat for the Korean bases but then I would need to do the dry brushing process again.

I decided to try with the Citiadel brown ink wash (can’t remember what odd name it is called by now but it is whast used to be the Devlan Mud wash).

The result is shown on the right.2013-01-11 22.24.30

The base with the 5Wb on it has been washed to take the yellow and white appearance away. The muskets on the left are unwashed and showing the original colours.

I think the wash will be enough to set the colours properly.

More painting today – I’m thinking of trying to finish the Koreans today.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 7

2013-01-08 22.25.12I travelled by plane yesterday with the Later Hungarians packed in hold baggage. I couldn’t take them carry-on unfortunately due to other circumstances but had them in a magnetised box and covered with bubble wrap.

As you can see when I opened the box, it appears as though my initial wrapping plans were not as successful as I had hoped!

Back to the drawing board on that – I guess I will need to pack my dirty underwear around them.

In the meantime, the positive from this is that as they are Essex Miniatures, they are at least robust so the damage levels were not too excessive.

2013-01-08 22.27.47A few bent spears and lances and one drunken psiloi (he’ll be the chap laying over on his side.

Oh well! At least it is only a short flight to Singapore and two lots of baggage handling this time instead of three and to be honest, there was so much turbulence on the flight from Sydney to Denpasar that everything got shaken around rather a lot.

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 6

2013-01-07 00.59.51Cancon 2013 approaches and last night was my last night at Macksville for some time. I managed to get the base coats on the bases of the Later Hungarians complete however.

Now all that’s left is to paint the figures 😆

Figures will be packed this morning and then placed ion a bag that will be carry on. After that they will next be see in Singapore for the next coats of paint … well … except for at every airport security check when, because they are very dark on the baggage x-ray, the usual question of “what are they?” will be asked. This will be followed, in Indonesia at least, of “are they expensive – are they made of gold?”

There will be no painting, and therefore no painting reports, until next weekend at the earliest. This week I am travelling to Indonesia so I expect to do some more reading. I have a fear though that the reading this week will lead me off on another wargaming tangent. Reading material will be The Western Desert Campaign 1940-41, The Bardia Campaign or Australia’s Palestine Campaign – 1916-1918.

OK, need to get packing for the train trip to Sydney (no more driving after the 5,000kms+ since 14 December 2012. I’ll leave you with a picture of the control group – the 5Wb.

2013-01-07 01.00.40

Cancon 2013 DBA – Later Hungarians – 5

2013-01-06 00.49.50In a quick late night painting session before bed (it was between 12:30am and 1:00am this morning to be accurate), I managed to get the first of the base shading done on the figures I am using at Cancon 2013. I leave Macksville tomorrow for Sydney then Tuesday on a flight to Jakarta then after a few days there on to Singapore. This means that after today, no painting until next Saturday at the earliest.

Getting back to Singapore, I am planning on painting for the weekend which will hopefully see the figures from both armies (Koguryo Koreans and Later Hungarians) completed, or nearly completed. Then I can start to relearn the rules. There were a couple of times when having the test losses against Doug that we both had to consult the rules (he because he has been testing DBA 3.0, me because I have not played DBA since Cancon 2011 with the Rajputs).