A Self Indulgence – the Wargaming Tasks for 2017

Last weekend I had the time to indulge myself in my fantasy – the painting queue for 2017. I had originally thought it was not that extensive as I had not purchased all that much in the way of new lead in 2016 and besides, I did not have too much left over for painting from 2014 and 2015.

The painting queue follows in not particular order!

World War II Aerial Combat. The aircraft mix in these packets are from Raiden Miniatures and are in 1/285th scale. They are:

  • Russian
    • 6 x Tupolev SB-3
    • 6 x I-16 ‘Rata’
  • Finnish
    • 4 x Fiat G.50
    • 4 x Fokker D.XXI
    • 4 x Brewster Buffalo

Russian/Finnish WW2 Aircraft
The rules are Raiden Miniatures Fast Play Aerial Combat Rules. I have version 1.1.

Any of the World War II aerial combat rules could be used. The beauty with the Winter War is that a mix of aircraft seldom seen on the wargames table is possible with the Finns using equipment from Italy, the Netherlands and the USA, among others.

Raiden also make a US WW2 aircraft carrier flight deck, the USS Enterprise, for flight and combat operations. It is a kit in 51 parts and I am not sure if it is made or not currently. See http://www.raidenminiatures.co.uk/4.html for details.

Thunderbolt and Lightning Air Combat Rules
Thunderbolt and Lightning Air Combat Rules
Starmada vessels from Brigade Models. In this case, the PacFed fleet. I have a PacFed Future War Commander Army tucked away up here and this is the off-planet version of those. The PacFed are loosely based around a “Pacific Federation” and contain a lot of vessels with Australian type names.

PacFed Starship Fleet
PacFed Starship Fleet
As an opponent to the PacFed I looked to ONESS – loosely based around German forces. Somewhere at mum’s I have the ground fleet to complement this. This also is from Brigade Models.

The ONESS Starmada Fleet
Baccus 6mm figures make up the rest of my Singapore DBA Project. Armies still to be painted are:

  • II/9a Syracusan in Sicily 410-210BC
  • II/8 Campanian, Apulian, Lucanian and Bruttian 420-203BC
  • 11/39a Iberian 240-20BC
  • II/11 Gallic 400-50BC
  • II/32a Later Carthaginian 275-202BC

The 6mm Ancients
The 6mm Ancients
Speaking of Brigade Models, I acquired a US Aeronef fleet. This was for part of the Peshawar project but with the purchase of Imperial Skies, the project has expanded somewhat (see below for how much). Of course what is illustrated and discussed here does not mention the British, French and Prussian Aeronefs that are already in the collection.

These then are the US Aeronef fleet. Quite a tidy force. I have been trying to think of an alternative paint scheme other that the Great White Fleet colours of, well, white!

US Aeronefs
US Aeronefs
The perfect opponent for the Americans above – the forces of the Rising Sun. Both Fleets (the US and Japanese) are substantial and would be the two most powerful fleets in the collection.

As with the Americans I am trying to think of a colour scheme that is not the Japanese naval vessels at Tsushima!

Japanese Aeronefs
Japanese Aeronefs
I wanted a bit of fun so I added a Scandinavian Union fleet. Dumpy vessels certainly but they have a certain attraction as well. These are also from Brigade Models and I am pondering colour schemes for them.

These were never envisaged for the Peshawar Project however they will make a good opponent for the BENELUX forces described below.

Scandinavian Union
Scandinavian Union
For a little South American Aeronef action I picked up some Argentinians. These look sufficiently different to other ‘nefs to keep the interest up.

Rather than a standard grey or Victorian Livery for these I have been toying with the idea of basing a paint scheme around light blue and white – same colour as the shirts of the Pumas. Again, Brigade Models.

Argentinian Aeronefs
Argentinian Aeronefs
And if the Argentinians are light blue and white then the Brazilians should be both hairless and based around green and gold colours. I have an idea for that with an antique style of gold colouring.

Brazilian Aeronefs
Brazilian Aeronefs
An opponent for the Scandinavian Union, and possibly the Italians. The Benelux Aeronef fleet consists of vessels from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Benelux Aeronefs
Benelux Aeronefs
The above-mentioned Italian Aeronefs.

Italian Aeronefs
Italian Aeronefs
The last of the Aeronefs in this years paint queue, the Russians. They are also one of the protagonists in the Peshawar campaign. For colours on these I am thinking, maybe, something like Port Arthur 1905.

Russian Aeronefs
Russian Aeronefs
A couple of years ago I picked up two armies for the Great Pacific War. Here are the Chilean/Peruvian Army and the Bolivian forces. I am planning on using these with the 1859, 1866 or 1870 rules. A project that has been on the back-burner for three years now.

10mm Chilean/Peruvian and Bolivian forces
10mm Chilean/Peruvian and Bolivian forces
I have had an interest in both the English Civil War and the 30 Years War for many years and picking up Baccus 6mm‘s English Civil War boxed set seemed like a good way of getting into it. The set gives me two armies, a couple of houses, Polemos rules and 60mm bases.

I am planning on using these with the Baroque Rules from Dadi and Piombo as well.

ECW - Polemos and Baroque
ECW – Polemos and Baroque
Navwar 1/3000 scale World War I Austrian ships – battleships to destroyers/torpedo boats. I have their main opponent, the Italian fleet, painted and here already. It must be said that during the war, both the Italian Royal Navy and the Austro-Hungarian Navy kept their most modern capital ships inside their bases (Pola and Kotor for the Austrian Fleet, Brindisi and Taranto for the Italian fleet), leaving mostly submarines, destroyers, torpedo boats and scout cruisers to do any fighting.

World War 1 Austrian Fleet
World War 1 Austrian Fleet
Heroics and Ros figures have been used for my Cold War Poles – an opponent for my Cold War Danes.

Cold War Commander Poles
Cold War Commander Poles

In addition to all that, there are a few other items on the list including:

  • Anthony’s 20mm World War II British
  • Finish off the 1/285 scale World War II Japanese
  • 1/285 scale World War II Hungarians
  • 1/300 scale Cold War Commander Danes to be completed
  • 1/1200 scale Coastal Warfare Ships
  • The 1/3000 scale Jutland Fleets
  • Houston Ships Italians and Austrians from the Battle of Lissa
  • Dystopian Wars fleets, and
  • Peshawar, 2mm ground forces

So – a painting queue that for 2017 should keep me busy well into 2020!

23 April 2017 – Update: Nothing. Nada. Not done a thing! Maybe I need to motivate myself and buy some more figures.

15mm Khmer – Test Base Complete

I have been testing a new (for me) painting technique of brown undercoat, block (ish) paint and wash. This is a method I am planning to use on my South-east Asian themed armies. At the moment they are Burmese and Khmer. I wanted a quick test to start with so an element that I could paint simply. I selected the Maiden Guard from the Khmer, for no other reason than the colours and that there is a lot of flesh.

These figures are 15mm tall so the detail that looks overdone in these photos is not so bad in real life, although I will need to redo the faces of the figures again. These are Irregular Miniatures and I am pleased with the way they look painted. Much nicer than their appearance in bare metal.

The Maiden Guard on on of my test hills - faces need redoing
The Maiden Guard on on of my test hills – faces need redoing
The Maiden Guard
The Maiden Guard
The left hand side view
The left hand side view
The Maiden Guard from the rear
The Maiden Guard from the rear
The Maiden Guard right hand view
The Maiden Guard right hand view

Next on the Painting Table

Then Burmese and the Khmer. Prepped, based and undercoated. Now just waiting for the application of the brush
Then Burmese and the Khmer. Prepped, based and undercoated. Now just waiting for the application of the brush

Is … not sure! 🙂

Thinking about the 1/2400th scale Guerra del Pacífico vessels I have for Peru and Chile. It was an interesting sea war. Somewhere in the stockpile I have some 10mm Chilean and Bolivian figures for the land warfare component. Mind you, in a recent mini-sort of the Man Cave I have not managed to find any evidence of those figures yet. They must be in there somewhere.

I think, however, in a break from nautical painting, I may just try get the Burmese, or the Khmer, or both DBA Armies painted.

The figures have been cleaned up and based. They have also received a brown undercoat in Army Painter spray paint so they are ready to go. I will admit being interested to see how these look after painting as it will be the first time I have painted Irregular Miniatures 15mm figures.

As today is Friday and as we approach beer o’clock, I guess this is tonight’s rumination over a quiet pint.

Khmer and Burmese – Step 1

Burmese on the right and Khmer on the left drying after undercoating
Burmese on the right and Khmer on the left drying after undercoating

After the excruciating effort of super gluing all the figures to Irregular Miniatures Burmese elephant – not to mention several successful attempts at gluing my fingers together ((and the ensuing problems the next couple of days at the office when the finger-print reader at the door no longer recognises my fingerprint)) – I was ready to start the next step – gluing the basing material on and undercoating. First however, there was one more &$*&@#£ archer to glue back on that &$*&@#£ elephant.

Base material of fine grade sand and some larger grains was stuck to the base with some Woodland Scenics glue ((which mercifully does not glue ones fingers together)). The figures were let stand for 24 hours and then undercoated in Army Colours brown. I guess I need to start researching uniform colours – or find another project to get in the way of this 🙂

And yes, that is the &$*&@#£ Burmese elephant on the right hand side of the pachyderms!

Don’t you just hate it?

You calculate the army, you determine the number of figures, you add up the cost, add on the price for postage, add on the mark-up for PayPal and send the order. A few days later (well, 8 to be exact) a nice parcel arrives from England, label a little smudged as it was caught in a Singapore downpour. Taking it from the letterbox and rushing upstairs – rushing as much as the lift to the 17th floor will permit, I examine the contents. Yep, there are the 15mm Khmer from Irregular Miniatures along with a pile of 2mm terrain. You look at everything and imagine how it will appear painted.

The Khmer DBA army ... or rather most of them
The Khmer DBA army … or rather most of them

An hour or so is spent sticking magnetic tape to the bottom of MDF bases then cleaning the Khmer figures and attaching them to those MDF.

It’s only when you complete that task that you notice that you have 13 elements and you are supposed to have 14!

  • 2 x Ps – crossbows – check
  • 1 x Cv – unicorn looking chaps – check
  • 1 x 3Bd – holding that funny axe – check
  • 1 x 3Ax – check
  • 4 x 4Ax – including one base of maiden guard – check
  • 1 x Elephant General – check
  • 1 x El – check
  • 1 x Art – mounted on elephant – check
  • 2 x Bw – ch …. oops, there’s only 1 x Bw

Don’t you just hate it?

Oh well, on to the Interwebs and order four more Khmer archers. I known where I slipped up. I think I was going to use the three guys with the axe as either 3Bd or 3Ax in the army and use the figures I used for the 3Ax as the 2Ps because I have one of those left over. On checking up it seems that the Khmer Psiloi where likely crossbowmen so they ended up being pressed into service as the 2Ps.

Now, you can’t just order four archers, the postage will kill you (as well the embarrassment). What else is needed. Well, the Burmese were an enemy of the Khmer and Irregular does do Burmese. Right, there’s the solution. Order another DBA army from Irregular when you were just planning on doing the one army from them to start with.

Don’t you just hate it?

The Next DBA Army – Khmer

Irregular Miniatures sells 15mm figures individually, so you get exactly what you ordered

The next DBA army was decided a few weeks ago when I wanted to have a closer look at Irregular Miniatures 15mm figures. I ended up deciding on Khmer as I wanted some more Asian influence in my collection.

This is another Book III army (III/23) ((I could have used it at Cancon 2013 for example, and with the Nellies and artillery in here, struck fear into the heart of my more knightly opponents)). Apart from the interest of painting some figures from a different manufacturer (and there are some plans floating in my head about that statement as well – but more on that later), it is an interesting mix of troop types.

The army itself contains:

  • 1 x elephant mounted general
  • 1 x elephant – regular troops
  • the choice of:
    • 1 x elephant mounted artillery piece, or
    • 1 x nasty axe armed infantry types, or
    • 1 x difficult terrain close troops
  • 1 cavalry
  • 4 x difficult terrain troops
  • 2 x bows
  • 2 x light troops

You can see from the picture to the right that there are a couple of umbrellas to be dealt with – one on the general’s elephant and the other on the cavalry.

The Auxilia (difficult terrain troops) will be a mix of the figures to give them that slightly irregular (pardon the pun) look. The maiden guard (look closely, you can work them out) on the other hand will be very regular looking.

One of the listed enemies for the Khmer are the Cham – the army is identical so if this works well, I may do it all again but with another manufacturers figures. I’ll also comment later on my Asian wargame armies plan.

I’ll post regular painting updates to see their progress – right after I finish that French naval stuff I’m painting.

I’ll leave you now with a view from the wall at Angkor Wat (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Bayon Angkor Relief - Khmer troops
Bayon Angkor Relief – Khmer troops

The Postman Cometh

The package from Irregular that arrived in my mailbox today
The package from Irregular that arrived in my mailbox today

One of the nice things about the mail box in Singapore is that parcels like this fit in them. The postman open a door and he can place mail in all letterboxes even when those letters or parcels are too big to fit through the slot in the letterbox. Good design really.

I received a parcel from Irregular Miniatures today. I ordered some stuff (unlike Navwar, Irregular accepts orders by electronic means). I ordered on 12 March 2013. On 13 March 2013 Ian Kay of Irregular put my parcel in the post and it arrived in my letterbox here in Singapore today, 21 March 2013. I’m impressed and I do love the service from Irregular – they are one of the best.

I’d ordered some 2mm terrain for the Peshawar project (1/1200th scale aeronefs and Land Ironclads – Victorian Science Fiction). I also ordered some of Irregular’s 15mm ancient figures, in part because I have never painted any. I’ve painted their 2mm and 6mm figures (and I’ll be honest here, the 6mm were not my favourites – I was spoiled early on by first being exposed to Heroics and Ros too many years ago to remember).

The contents of the package from Irregular Miniatures
The contents of the package from Irregular Miniatures

The 15mm figures will make up a Khmer DBA army and I will comment on them further later.

The 2mm terrain was some villages and woods and again I’ll comment on those in a later post. The best was the 2mm train-set. I have painted some of that before in  Oz and they look fine. They will fit in well to then Colonial world that is Peshawar, my Victorian Science Fiction universe.

Now I am just waiting for my copy of Shipwreck which should arrive any day now, and my Indian and Chinese navies. Judging from the past performance of Navwar, my letter should arrive in their shop tomorrow or Monday then 7 to 10 days later a parcel should arrive here.

In the meantime, tomorrow night will be set aside for a serious planning session to work out how to handle the 2mm terrain. Until that post appears here, goodnight!