First Repairs Done

Before I outlined the possible plans for the weekend and they were:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Go out and drink beer
  3. Get back into wargaming items
15mm DBA armies a little jumbled - these are the Hungarians and Koreans
15mm DBA armies a little jumbled – these are the Hungarians and Koreans

Whilst it was a tough choice as one does enjoy the odd tipple, what finally worked was to drink beer of Friday night (way too much as it turned out) and then I got into some wargaming related stuff today. First cab off the rank was to repair the existing figures after their move from Singapore to Manila. They looked a little messed up when I opened their box:

Figures were jumbled all over the place and there were a number of bent spears. I was more worried about anything that had broken off. Fortunately, nothing was broken off, just a lot of bent spears and the odd paint chip. The paint chips were not seriously noticeable so I have decided to leave them as they are. Now these three DBA armies are ready for battle again.

All the figures here are 15mm scale with the Later Hungarians being from Essex Miniatures, the Nubians are old series Gladiator Games and the Koreans are Alain Touller Figurines.

Book 1 or 2 Army Decided – Koguryo Korean

I think!

DBA Army List Book 2, List 76 – Koguryo Korean 300 AD-668 AD.

It looks a challenging list and should be fun to play with. It contains two elements of Knights (actually cataphracts), two of Light Horse, 4 of Spear (not the most effective but solid never-the-less), two of Bows and 1 Psiloi (which at the worst can back up the spears I guess).

So, not an inspiring list but tonight it looks like the one I’ll use for the first day of the DBA competition.

The figures I have for this are the Alain Touller Figurines – a French figure maker and they look quite good. Close to what I can recall seeing in the museums in Seoul. So, today they are the selection.