I decided that I really should get back to cheeseburgers as, after all, that is mentioned in the title banner of Thomo’s Hole, and those that know me, know that I am partial to a good burger, especially if accompanied by an ice cold beer and a suitable sporting contest on a big screen!

You can tell a lot about a restaurant/pub/café/diner/food truck by the quality of the burger. In the interests of science then I plan to resurrect a task I once undertook in Mongolia, and that was the assessment of local burgers.

The construction of the burger will be assessed (from the bottom up, bun, lettuce, tomato, beef patty (if it ain’t beef, it’s a sandwich), onion if caramelised, cheese, onion if raw, bun. That is a standard Mark I Cheeseburger. Pickles are an add-on, beetroot is mandatory … however, as I am not in Australia I will not penalise its omission. The bun should be robust enough to hold together until the last mouthful, retaining as much burger juice as possible and may either be toasted or fresh. The burger will generally be delivered to the table one of two ways, either deconstructed or constructed. In either case, once constructed for eating it should not require deconstructing or the use of utensils other than fingers for the eating. Lastly, accompaniment should be a cold beer.

French/crinkle-cut fries and chips are a bonus where served and will not really be mentioned unless there is something either fantastic or tragic with them.

As this is my assessment, I will note price as cheap, average, expensive and perhaps OMG. The price ranges will vary from country-to-country and city to province so I will note the scale in each section. I will rate the burger out of 10 flavour-wise … or at least how my taste buds respond to it.

The burgers being sampled will be a standard cheeseburger – be that a menu item or a request for a burger with cheese added. Nothing special or additional will be asked for, except where beetroot is an optional add-on.

Cheeseburgers of Angeles City
Speaking of Burgers – the Big Mac Index

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