Insomnia Cheeseburger

Insomnia is a new “resto-bar” that has opened during the pandemic. Previously it was an “entertainment” bar with show but those types of bars that made Fields Avenue and Walking Street famous as a red-light district have all been closed. As a result, a number of them have reinvented themselves and opened as “sports” bars or “resto-bars”. The main requirement from City Hall and/or the barangay to get a license again is that they should be showing sports (eat your heart out Singapore friends), must serve food and should not have “entertainers”.

7/10 — $$

THose bars do have, however, excellent service with many waitresses per customer and are doing what they need to keep their business es alive during pandemic times.

Insomnia was one such bar and it has recently opened as a resto-bar. The burger, kind of blue in the image due to the lighting in the bar, was surprisingly good and a great way to start Wednesday night’s beer night.

The burger was served with crinkle cut fries and consisted of bun, sad piece of lettuce, patty, caramelised onion, cheese, pickles, tomato and sesame seed bun. The patty was not seasoned much, basically just the meat. The meat did remain juicy until then last mouthful however and the burger could be be managed with fingers only, in one hand when needing to take a swig of the cold Heineken served with it.

Flavour I reckon is about a 6.5/10 but price is at the low end of $$ so reasonable value, paired with an ice cold beer, a good way to start the night out.

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