Margarita Station

Margarita Station opened in Angeles City in October 1993 as Margaritaville.

The Margarita Station cheeseburger with the option packs.
without Beetroot, 7/10 $ … with beetroot 8/10 $$

They changed their name to Margarita Station in 1996 after threats of dire circumstances were received  from Jimmy Buffet’s legal folks. Apart from a brief hiatus for the plague of 2020, Margarita Station has been serving the folks of the area for all that time. It is fair to say that it is one of the local landmarks, famous for beer and good food reasonably priced.

The cheeseburger at Margarita Station is basic but inexpensive. It consists of bun, patty cheese and bun. For a handful of shekels you can add some optional extras, such as tomato and lettuce and for an extra 30 peso, sliced beetroot. Well, being an Aussie it would be rude to pass up beetroot for the burger and to keep comparisons fair, I opted for the tomato and lettuce.

Build burger and eat. The patty was well cooked, lightly seasoned and remained moist until the end with the sesame seed bun holding together over the brief life of the burger. It was great enjoying some beetroot on a burger, sort of cures homesickness from Oz 🙂 although to be fair, the first bite was without the beetroot.

The lettuce was crunchy and the tomato nicely ripe (this can be an issue in the Philippines with many tomatoes coming to market green and never really ripening well). Overall a great burger, especially as the basic burger costs less than 200 pesos, meaning a burger and a beer can be acquired for less that 250 pesos for those on a tight budget.

Margarita Station is also an excellent stopping off point for breakfast, especially if one has over imbibed the night before. Their coffee is brewed and served in a large mug, and given the length of their breakfast menu, you will be sure to find something that appeals.

Cheeseburger with the option packs but without Beetroot, 7/10 $ … with beetroot 8/10 $$

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