Maxie’s Place Cheeseburger

Maxie’s Cheeseburger 8/10 for flavour, $$ but 9/10 for the bun 🙂

Maxie’s Place is one of those small local bars you see away from the main entertainment area of Angeles (OK, and by main entertainment area I mean Walking St and the dodgy bars).

Maxie’s definitely has an Aussie theme and when I stopped in there the other night, it felt like being back home in Macksville. OK, maybe except for the blue colouring as the night shade used at Maxie’s is blue and so is the colour in the photo. I have not adjusted shade or anything, it is how it comes.

OK, the burger. Firstly, the burger comes by itself so if you want fries you will need to order them as a side dish. I ordered potato scallops simply because they are a homesick cure food, something that is particularly Aussie, and particularly the New South Wales part of Australia.

A cut from Maxie’s Menu

The burger is constructed from the bottom up with bun, caramalised (or as Maxie describes it, grilled) onion, patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and bun. The patty is home made and surprisingly airy which gives it a tender feel on the tongue. Lettuce was fresh with a little crunch in it. Tomato was ripe (this is significant in the Philippines where 8/10 times tomatoes served to you, or that you buy, are green – and they are not heirloom tomatoes so that means they are not ripe.

While the burger looks quite tall and therefore a mouthful, it does press down well and is manageable in one hand but better in two. As mentioned, the patty is quite airy and moist and if I had to use a superlative to describe its texture, how about “velvety to the tongue”? The other ingredients to the burger worked well to enhance the flavour but the bun was the standout of the burger. I must ask them next time where the buns come from (Angel’s Bakery maybe??) as I would happily have some at home for the odd salad roll.

Maxie’s is one of those small local places that is doing it tough through the pandemic period so if you are a local, and a local Aussie in particular, do drop around for a burger and a beer. They will also be showing the AFL and NRL games during the football season. Lastly for the Aussies … note the Aussie Burger on the menu above … for the non Aussies, we would call that a Works Burger back in Oz but locally it is known as an Aussie burger.

Drop in, have a beer and a burger (the local beers are cheap) and help keep another little local bar open. They are just down the road from Heide’s if you are familiar with that German Bar (hmm, I always thought Heide was Swiss … never mind), and around the corner from ABC. Walk past ABC, Brass Knob and Kona and take the next left.

For flavour, 8/10 but price is $$ – actually it is 210 pesos for the burger alone (US $4.40).

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