Moon’s Bar Cheeseburger

Note from 31 January 2021 – After 35 years, Moon’s has closed, which is a shame as it was one of those nice little local bars, more like a club. The business is up for sale.

Moon’s Bar is a little local sports bar, attached to the edge of the Diamond subdivision in Balibago and has been open for about 35 years. It is a local for me although with the craziness of work lately, I have really not been able to stop in for a “frothy” more than about once a month. Regrettably, had I, and about 20 to 30 other good and true blokes stopped in more frequently, then Moon’s would not be closing at the end of January. However. I did sample one of the cheeseburgers there and so, the assessment follows.

Moon’s Bar
5/10 — $$

The burger comes solo (no fries) and is well constructed. From the bottom up, bun, lettuce, patty, cheese, tomato, cucumber, raw onion, sesame seed bun top.

Firstly! Who puts cucumber on a burger? It was removed!

The patty was kind of odd. It looked like a chicken patty and also looked and tasted like it has been deep fried, or at least friend in a lot of oil. Apart from that and allowing for the cucumber, for the price it was reasonable – it was under 300 pesos. It was not one of my favourite burgers although I may try one more from there and see if there is a change in the patty. On the plus side, that pub does make a nice potato scallop (a typical fried food from New South Wales in Australia). The Crazy Carabao beer that went with the burger was excellent 🙂

Rating is 5/10 for flavour but price is $$. OK, maybe 5.5 😉

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