Night Moves Cheeseburger

The Night Moves Burger – like me – big and tasty!
8/10 and $$

Night Moves Bar & Grill is a bar in the Clarkview Estate, down Don Juico Road and in the area known as Perimeter. It has been there for many years in one form or another but has had to reinvent itself a little as a result of entertainment restrictions applied by Angeles City Hall. It is now a bar and grill with suitable distancing between customers and staff.

The bar is popular with one of the local Motorcycle clubs (no dramas) as well as the  Returned & Services League Angeles City Philippines Sub Branch (RSL), who often run raffles and  raise funds there to support some locals in need. The bar itself supports those in need in the area as well as do the motorcycle club. Enough of the philanthropy, on to the burger.

There is definitely an Aussie feel to this bar too, from the beetroot available as an add-on to the burger and the potato scallops on the menu (scallops were nice as well – you can see them peaking into the picture above). I had ordered some potato scallops (130 pesos) as a side dish simply because they are a homesick cure food, something that is particularly Aussie, and particularly the New South Wales part of Australia.

The burger comes with some chips/fries/pommes frites and as you can see from the photograph, it is tall. However, unlike the Envy burger that needs to be deconstructed to eat you can manage this burger whole. It compacts nicely when you apply a little pressure on the top.

The burger is constructed from the bottom up with bun, fried onion, patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, more cheese, another patty and bun. The patties appear to be prepared in-house and are well seasoned. The beef used has sufficient fat content to keep the cooked patty moist to the end. Lettuce was fresh and crunchy, tomato ripe and the cheese tasted like a reasonable cheddar.

Overall it is one of the best burgers I have had locally so far, and I would pit it against the Envy burger on flavour. On price, at 240 pesos, it beats the Envy burger hands down.

As with the other bar & bistros away from Walking Street, do drop in, have a beer and a burger (the local beers are cheap here too) and help keep another local bar open. In fact, when you do drop in, ask for some potato scallops, season a little more with salt, be careful as they are fiercely temperature hot fresh from the kitchen, and enjoy a little Aussie cultural food (proudly one of the few things the Scots have not thought of battering and deep frying).

Staff are friendly and attentive to service, sound track playing is at a level where you can hear the person next to you when chatting and ambience is a little old school (warm and comforting).

For flavour, 8/10, price $$ – actually it is 240 pesos for the burger (US $5.00). Well worth it. I think I will drop in for another burger there next week! 😉

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