Paradise Cheeseburger

Paradise Burger
7/10 — $$$

Paradise Sports Bar and Grill is a new sports bar down the McDonald’s end of Walking Street, having replaced the previous sports bar. Paradise is also a good kicking off joint for some pub crawling.

The burger has been well constructed with bun, lettuce, patty, tomato, onion, cucumber, cheese and bun. It was served with French fries. Again, a bar that adds cucumber to a burger, put it in a side salad, so it was off with the cucumber first.

Patty is well seasoned and remained juicy to the end. The burger can be compressed to eat without deconstructing. The burger was coupled with a locally produced under license Heineken and sitting in Paradise, munching on a burger with an ice cold beer while watching the waitresses in the Korean Restaurant on the other side of the street making Tik Tok videos, well, it may not have been heaven but it certainly was Paradise!

Rating is 7/10 for flavour and $$ for price.

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