Phillies cheeseburger – no beetroot added but available.
8/10 $$

Phillies Sports Bar and Grill opened in Angeles City in 2010 and has become an institution over the past 10 years. When they opened they featured hamburgers, hotdogs and the famous Phillies Cheesesteak. They also support the Philadelphia baseball team.  It sits on the corner of Fields Ave. and Raymond St., just a few meters from the entry to Walking Street.

It is fair to say that Phillies is one of the local landmarks, famous for beer, sports and good pub grub priced reasonably.

The first thing to note is that Phillies also offers beetroot as an added extra. This time I avoided adding the beetroot. For any Aussies reading this, Phillies have an option to add beetroot, egg, bacon, pineapple and cheese and produce what is essentially a Works Burger!

As far as extras went, I added the fries. They are not normally supplied with the cheeseburger but I was hungry and heading out afterwards for more beer 😉

The patty was subtly seasoned and well cooked, retaining its moistness until the end in a sesame seed bun The bun held together while the burger was being consumed. Construction was  correct however with the lettuce underneath the patty. Burger was (from the bottom up) bun, lettuce, tomato, patty, onion, cheese and then bun.

The lettuce was fresh and not wilted and the tomato nicely ripe (as mentioned before this can be an issue in the Philippines with many tomatoes coming to market green and never really ripening well). The patty itself was a good mix of fat and meat, lightly seasoned and that remained moist and juicy to the last mouthful. Overall a great burger, especially as the basic burger costs 245 pesos. Burger, fries and beer therefore cost under 400 pesos and provide a good base for a night of beer and talking crap with your mates. Recommended!

Basic cheeseburger 8/10 $$, with the add-ons, 8/10 $$ 🙂

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