Rob’s Gastropub Cheeseburger

Rob’s Gastropub + Sports is another landmark pub in Angeles City, and is within spitting distance of Tequila Reef. Décor is in the style of a large Sports Bar, with elements of English pub.

Rob’s Gastropub cheeseburger
6/10 — $$

Rob’s has been in Angeles City for quite a few years now, certainly as long as I have been visiting here.  They note on their Facebook page that:

“Rob’s is the first British-themed Gastropub in Angeles City that serves great food and great drinks along with great music and live sports at affordable prices. We chose to label Rob’s as a Gastropub because it is a British term defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “A pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.”

I’ve stopped into Rob’s before and the décor lives up to the description, there is always some sport on the TV screens and prior to the plague, often had live music or a DJ present.

Their menu is extensive and reasonably priced. They also have many Vegan Dishes available. However, it was the cheeseburger I was there for. OK, from the ground up, the bun was toasted, firm and robust, able to stand up to the burger juices until the end. Construction was complete with bun, meat, some melted cheese (I think), lettuce, tomato, onion, more cheese (and more on that in a minute), bun. It was served with some French fries and what I guess is a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup masquerading as Thousand Island dressing for chip dipping. I accompanied my burger with a Heineken.

The burger was OK, the patty was still moist and well seasoned, and most of the elements worked together. Now I have a confession, I can’t recall from the menu whether it described the burger as a burger and I asked for cheese added or whether it was listed as a cheeseburger. In either case the cheese that was at the top of the burger was two 5mm thick blocks of what appeared to be EDEN processed cheese. I will return for another burger to double check my information and update this page if correction is needed.

In any case, as I mentioned, the burger was OK, certainly better than a McDonald’s Quarterpounder with Cheese, which I would rate a 5/10 – the median score.

I still think Rob’s is a good kicking off place for a night on the tiles and the burger ticks most of the boxes, just why the block cheese?

Burger 6/10, price $$

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