Tequila Reef Cheeseburger

Tequila Reef Mexican Cantina is a Mexican themed restaurant and bar near Angeles main entertainment area. It is popular with both local and expats, in part because of its tasty food at reasonable prices.

The Reef Cheeseburger was ordered, which is a 200 gram burger served on a grilled bun and garnished with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions. Two dill pickle slices are available on request although they appeared as standard.

The burger itself was constructed well with a substantial, well seasoned patty. American cheese. tomato and pickles on the burger with a slice of raw onion and lettuce on the side. Crinkle cut chips also accompanied the burger. The lettuce and onion was added (and pickles removed) to the burger. While the burger was well seasoned it had been cooked to well done and was a little dry. This dryness was quickly fixed with some cold beer. The burger could be handled with one hand. Overall, the burger is about a 7/10 on my assessment and its pricing is in the 200 to 400 peso range so $$. A pleasant burger, reasonable priced before heading out for further entertainment and drinking. My go to standard for burgers.

Flavour 7/10, price $$

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