Being of ample girth, eating is near and dear to the heart of me. I must admit to enjoying cooking as well as eating food. I also have some rules of eating that are near and dear to the heart of me as well. When it comes to cooking, I really like to be able to turn over a meal (preparation and cooking time) in about 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes I am happy to spend longer, although when I do I like it if the longer time is taken by “simmer for about 30 minutes” or something similar. When not cooking, favourite foods include cheeseburgers, Korean food and really well made sandwiches. A little Italian does not go astray either.

Listed here then are some of my favourite recipes as well as links to my favourite cheeseburgers.

Then there are other important food things, like Thomo’s Rules of Eating for example. I travel a lot so I have a few”Laws of Eating”. These are designed to avoid cultural hurt when offered food you are not used to in other environments, countries or cultures

The rules themselves are simple:

  1. Dead.
  2. Cooked.
  3. Should never have connected the mouth to the bottom on any animal (i.e., offal is off).

These rules will see you well in almost any environment. For example, When a Korean takes you out for live octopus, you can fall back on rules 1 and 2. Japanese take you out for sushi? Definitely a rule 2. Fresh Rock Oysters? Rule 1. Sea Cucumber with Chinese friends? Rule 3.

Read the full Thomo’s Rules of Eating and Cooking post for further extensions to these simple laws if it turns out that you need to avoid foods you cannot avoid from these three simple rules.

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