1/600th Scale Samples

I mentioned a while ago that I had ordered a sample pack of the Oddzial Osmy 1/600 tanks from Pico Armor.com to see what they were like. Below is the contents of the Yom Kippur Sample Pack.

yom_kippur_set The first thing to note is that the grid is a 1cm x 1cm grid. The pack contained three each of Centurion, M113, M109, T-55, BTR-50, M-30 122mm howitzer and three infantry strips.

I should point out the service from Pico Armour was very good with the figures returned very quickly. I’ll just cover a couple of the vehicles that were included.

centurion The Centurion really looks the business, showing the big blocky appearance of the Centurion. I should note too that these are photographed as they came from the pack. There has been no cleanup of the figures either – these are photographed warts (or should I say “flash”) and all.

t55 To the right is the T-55, again, looking like a T-55.

I must admit now that had I not made such an investment in 6mm figures and vehicles over the last year or two, I would seriously consider using these vehicles. I know that this is the same argument I used with 1/6000 ships vs 1/3000 ships but it is the case. I’ll leave you with a close up of some of the infantry.


Figure Tart

I am. I’m always looking for something new. It’s not enough that the current painting and project queue consists of 15mm DBA Ancients, 1/6000 World War 1 ships, 1/3000 World War 1 and 2 ships, 1/1200 scale Aeronefs, 2mm Land Ironclads, 1/300 scale Napoleonic and Ancients (and lots of the Napoleonic’s I might add), a nominal 1/3000 scale space fleet and 6mm World War 2 and Future War Commander armies but I need to look for more.

What did I do?

I ordered a sample pack of the Oddzial Osmy 1/600th scale (that’d be 3mm) figures. Given the stellar performance of the Aussie dollar at the moment, the sample pack of these figures only cost me Aussie $10, including postage from the US. So, I order the Yom Kippur War sample pack from PicoArmor.com of Illinois, USA. The pack contents includes:

  • 3 Centurion
  • 3 M113
  • 3 M109
  • 3 T-55
  • 3 BTR-50
  • 3 Polish M-30 howitzer
  • and 3 Infantry

It’ll be fun to paint these up and test out the basing of these vehicles and figures. If, as I expect, these vehicles and figures work out as well as I think they will, then the creative juices will be flowing and I’ll think about adding another project to the list – perhaps something around the Middle East – or perhaps a mini collection.

First – let’s get the figures and have a look at them. Then let’s worry about the project queue.

Spartan Games – Uncharted Seas

Spartan Games have released a game called Uncharted Seas. Their website (linked above) provides details of the rules and the models. It is fantasy naval wargaming almost of a galley nature. As in all things fantasy, the actual industrialisation of everything is kind of a mix.

I loved Games Workshop’s Man ‘o’ War – great rules and really fun little vessels and I kind of regret not keeping my copy of all that stuff before I went off overseas. However, looking at the Uncharted Seas from Spartan Games, I may have found something that almost lets me consider fantasy naval wargames again (as compared to say, Victorian Science Fiction naval games which is a whole different genre).

Uncharted Seas is played at a nominal scale of 1/600th (about 2mm size).

There is a gallery showing some nice pictures of this sort of stuff in between pictures of other wargame figures on the Spartan Games Gallery Page.

Now, if I can just find someone who has played them and can give me a good unbiased overview of them, I may be tempted to part with some “readies” next pay day.