Yep, Another New Project

The problem with being distracted from current wargaming projects into new projects is that it never stops at one. You get a new interest, start looking around at rules for that interest then get distracted again. Next thing you know you you have three or four more projects in mind.

I was looking at rules for the Greek project I mentioned in the last post here and next thing I knew I was looking at Dadi&Piombo’s Basic Impetus Expansion, Basic Battles.

Basic Battles is an expansion on the Basic Impetus system, moving that system from the Renaissance to the Colonial Wars periods. This includes Napoleonics and I just happen to have a couple of 6mm Napoleonic Armies waiting in the lead pile – only the 1814 Prussians have made it (briefly) to the painting queue.

1st Battalion, West Prussians

Of course, Dadi&Piombo note in the introduction to the rules:

This is an experimental set to expand on Basic Impetus 2.0 rules for later periods, up to Colonial warfare, where one Unit roughly represents one brigade. This set also covers Napoleonics, though a more detailed and tactical ruleset is under development for this period. Basic Impetus 2 can be purchased through or digitally through Wargame Vault: Available in English, French and Spanish.

Prussian Horse Artillery – both limbered and unlimbered

Naturally I want to use them for Napoleonics. I figure that if I work to the basic system in Baccus’ General de division or Marechal d’Empire rules, use the armies (when painted) with either the Baccus rules or Basic Battles, when the Impetus Napoleonic Rules come along I’m looking sweet.

The armies I have available for this are:

  • 1814 Prussians – Heroics and Ros figures
  • Duchy or Warsaw – Adler Miniatures
  • Confederation of the Rhine (also Adler I think)

If you think it is a small project, I checked on the size of the Prussians and have the following in that group to paint:

  • 32 battalions of infantry
  • 1 batt of schützen
  • 2 regiments of uhlans
  • 2 regts of dragoons
  • 1 regt of horse jaegers
  • 6 regts of cuirassiers
  • 4 regts of landwehr cavalry
  • 12 batteries (line and horse) of artillery

And of course, as a wargamer, you can never have too may projects 🙂




What’s Next — More Soviets?

The stock boxes - mid and late war Soviets waiting for their turn on the painting queue
The stock boxes – mid and late war Soviets waiting for their turn on the painting queue

I have the Japanese modern fleet in 1/3000 ready to paint but that is a small task and really will be a filler between the early Soviets being completed and the next 6mm project. One option is to finish off the Soviets with mid and late World War 2 troops. This is the lead-pile ready for that.

Lots more AFVs – 20 or so T34/85, 10 JS-2, KV-2s, more KV-1s.

Also more artillery, Katyusha rockets, some later war aircraft (Yaks) and a bigger artillery battery or two.

Lastly, in case one finds oneself near a river, some floating vehicles would be useful so we have some boats 🙂

A close up - yep, some riverboats for the Soviets as well - Thomo thinks of everything!
A close up – yep, some riverboats for the Soviets as well – Thomo thinks of everything!

Early World War 2 Soviets Finished

My early World War 2 Soviet Battlegroup
My early World War 2 Soviet Battlegroup

Phase 1 is complete!

The early world war 2 Soviet force is shown below. I will be using this against Japanese and Hungarians, both of which I still need to paint. The battles against the Japanese will be a little bit anachronistic as I do not have the very early armour used by the Russians at Khalkin-gol (Nomonhan).

Still, look out Doug, there are more to come – including late war heavies to see your Tiger 2s off 😉

In the meantime, feel free to have a look around this force in the gallery below. I will admit that I still need to add decals to the tanks. I am waiting until the mood takes me again to do that much fiddly cutting and decaling!

Rapier Miniatures Size Comparison

When my order for Rapier Miniatures Parthians was delivered, Rapier kindly sent me some samples. One was a pack of early Imperial Romans and the other was some American Civil War figures. The American Civil War figures were good as they kind of allowed a like for like comparison between the Rapier figures and Baccus/Adler Miniatures.


The first comparison is between the Heroics and Ros Prussian musketeer and some Rapier ACW infantry. A you can see there is a considerable size difference between the Rapier and the Heroics. I certainly would not consider mixing these figures together in the same unit.

Even thought the difference in height is about 1mm, it is very apparent which is the larger figure and which is the smaller.


When comparing against the Adler Miniatures the size difference is a little harder to see. Unfortunately the only figure I had easily to hand was a plumed figure. Certainly the Adler head is much larger than the Rapier head and this makes the Adler figure look larger than the Rapier overall. However, allowing for the height difference bought on by the large plume, there is not too much of a difference between the figures. I think that it would be possible to mix Rapier figures and Adler figures within the same unit.

Given that the Baccus figures look slightly less bulky than the Adler, I also think it would be possible to mix Baccus and Rapier within the same unit. I will be in a better position soon to make that comparison however as I have a batch of Baccus Sassanians on order and due for delivery in the next two or three days.