One Thing I Love in Manila

I am staying at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences and need to get to the Shangri-lah Hotel. I used Google Maps for directions. Walking turns out to be faster than catching the bus! Traffic in Manila? Nah! 🙂

The Walk is faster than the bus
The Walk is faster than the bus

A Slightly Different View


Moving on from the Philippines I have a few days of meetings in Hanoi to attend to. The hotel (Melia) is a nice older hotel with good facilities. Best of all was that they checked me into a room on the 22nd floor so this was the view from my window this morning.

I have not been to Hanoi for about 10 years but I have noticed a lot of change – there are more cars and less bikes, for example, on the roads. The old French colonial architectural styles have been kept in many places and there are a thousand places to eat on each block.

We settled in last night to beer at four bars followed by a late supper – all within one block of the hotel.

Last night’s Hanoi induced sleep was the best I have had in the past month.

Is Russia Asia or Europe?

I recently added a post to the Thomo’s Hole concerning travel between Moscow and Beijing. Whilst tagging it for Mongolia and China (and Asia Pacific), I also tagged it for Russia. I then wondered in my best Russian English accent “is mother Russia part of Asia or part of Europe?”

Now I know it spreads across both continents but if I had to classify it with one term or the other, should it be Europe or Asia?