Saving Money Travelling

Thomo’s touring at the moment. Currently I am in Bangkok getting three months supply of pork and beer in (Oktoberfest seems a perfect time to do that of course).

Whilst here I booked a couple of day tours. Heading to the tour desk at the hotel we organised a trip to the floating market and the Rose Garden. Later, we were walking along and stepped into a travel agent to inquire about a trip to the tiger temple and the River Kwai. It was there that we noticed that the prices for the tours were between 30% and 60% cheaper than they were at the tour desk in the hotel – and the tours were all with the same companies.

Doh! You would think that after all these years of travelling I would have remembered this – hotel = expensive, outside of hotel = not-so-expensive! 😦

On the Road

Currently Thomo is sitting in Bangkok. Tomorrow, it is on to a flight and off into Mongolia for six months. Thomo has taken up a role with the Khan Bank in Mongolia and will sit in Ulaan Baatar for the next six months. The money was the overriding concern here – the fact that Thomo actually needed money from anywhere.

Look for the reports from Mongolia soon.


Whilst I was in Kazakhstan, I loosened a tooth. It was a front tooth. I was eating Solyanka and drinking Vodka with a local or two and I caught one of my front teeth top with my front teeth bottom. Result? Loose tooth.

I got back to Seoul last Friday and with translator in hand, went to the dentist. Seems tsk tsking is the same in all languages. After prodding and poking as dentists have a want to do, he then started messing with the tooth.

“Ow” says Thomo. “What did he say” asks the Dentist. “Ow” says the translator. “Oh” says the denist.

So, tooth and Thomo were separated as the tooth had fractured. The dentist tried to glue the tooth back in but today it came out again after eating cheeseake of all things.

Result? Well Thomo is back to the dentist tomorrow so we shall see. Otherwise I shall need to learn to smile on the left side of my mouth only. 50 and he has finally lost a tooth.

Update from Early April

I have now been crowned. I went to a dentist in Bangkok whilst travelling and have had the tooth replaced as part of a crown. Smile is even again 🙂