Miniature Wargames with Battlegames – Issue 366

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames - issue 366 cover
Miniature Wargames with Battlegames – issue 366 cover

The October issue arrived on my iPad a couple of weeks ago but I have not got around to looking at it until today,. There has been a veritable avalanche of reading here at Thomo’s Hole with Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare, Strategy and Tactics, World at War and a number of books all turning or up being ordered over recent weeks, In addition, for the past two weeks I have been addicted with the Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell — having read all six books of the first series over the last 16 days or so.

Today I finally got around to having a good look through it.

The first thing I noticed is that Mike Siggins is not waxing whatever within the magazine this month. As I understand he has stepped back from the hobby a wee bit — not such a strange occurrence as I guess we all do it at times.

There is a major piece on the late Don Featherstone, a doyen of the hobby and one that I owe a debt of gratitude to for introducing me to the hobby (and indeed, many figure manufacturers and credit card companies that I am also indebted to).

Other items in the magazine this month include:

  • Neil Shuck (of Meeples and Miniatures fame) having a gripe about historical accuracy on TV and then looking at hobby news and some new products
  • Diane Sutherland building North American Indian huts
  • John Treadaway discussing scenery in fantasy wargaming
  • Daniel Mersey (of Dux Bellorum, amongst others fame) is looking at something a little different – a chase basically
  • Leslie Tipping has a piece on a western gunfight, Hollywood style)
  • Henry Hyde (the editor) sets a command challenge based Don Featherstone’s War Games
  • Rob Young, another naval wargames nut like moi, looks at making cheap ironclads using tealights for turrets1
  • Conrad Kinch is touring battlefields
  • There are pieces on:
    • The Great Siege of Malta (Gary Mitchell)
    • Obituaries for Don Featherstone (Chris Scott and Charles Grant)
    • Combined Arms Wargaming (Franz Ehart)
  • John Treadaway looks at Crooked Dice – a small company  with an interesting game system
  • plus the usual Recce of new books and such
  • And finally, Henry presents a one-page, sort of, idiots guide to painting horses

The lunch hour wasn’t long enough to get through it all today but there is the bus trip home and there is some interesting reading. I am also getting more comfortable with what the magazine is becoming — it does seem to be starting to deliver at last.

Good value for the wargamer, especially the digital edition.

1. Look out B, Thomo is looking at your candlemaking in a new way

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames – Issue 365

2013-08-23 09.34.20The September issue arrived on my iPad the other day, in fact, about the same time as the last issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy.

I must admit to some favouritism so was reading Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy (WS&S) first.

The first thing that was noticeable about this month’s Miniature Wargames with Battlegames (MWwB) is the impressive collection of Baccus Miniatures on the front cover. This was a shot taken from the Joy of Six Show in Sheffield in July and is a game portraying the Battle of Klissow in 1702. Impressive!

This issue of MWwB also includes the Colours 2013 Show Guide – which if nothing else, reminds me that Colours was one of my three favourite wargame shows when I was living in the UK (the other two being the Triples at Sheffield and Salute – just because of its sheer size).

Apart from the Show Guide, the issue this month follows the same format as previous issues with the usual columns and sections – Neil Shuck handling Forward Observer for wargaming generally following on after Henry’s editorial. Perhaps my favourite regular piece is Diane Sutherland’s terrain and this month she is burning things – or more correctly, producing some fire and smoke. John Treadaway’s Fantasy Facts provides steps into the cinematic, with items on such worthy topics as Dan Dare and Space Vixens from Mars amongst others. Conrad Kinch’s column is in there too – talking about something or other – birthdays, battles and what have you.

There are pieces on the Battle of Aspern-Essling; a Command Challenge set in Poland in WW2; Arthur Harman discussing that hoary old chestnut of how to bring youngsters into the hobby; the already mentioned Colours Show Guide and a veritable shed-load of juicy advertisements; amphibious operations circa 425 BCE; and Part 2 of Salamanca.

Mike Siggins is waxing something lyrical again and there is the usual Recce section towards the end.

Whilst I like the direction the MWwB is taken, I will admit that this lunch hour I shall finish off WS&S first!

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames – Issue 364

Cover of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames Issue 364
Cover of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames Issue 364

The August issue arrived on my iPad on the 19th of July – just as I was heading out for quick one on the way home – which turned into a pizza at Bella Pizza followed by further shenanigans at Uncabunca … one arrived  back in the Hole at 2:30am and in no condition to read. As I staggered in though I also checked the letterbox and found Strategy and Tactics – War in the Pacific and Slingshot 287 Mar/Apr 2013 in there as well so my reading pile had increased considerably on that one night.

Saturday was, of course, the Rapid Fire – Game 1 – First Battle in the Gun Bar and BBQ day so no chance of reading then and Monday and Tuesday I have been pouring over Slingshot and S&T, planning the rest of my week’s reading and wondering where I put the 10mm War in the Pacific figures.

I noted before that I was hoping that Miniature Wargames with Battlegames (MWwB) would improve and I think it is starting to come together now. I will admit straight up that my favourite wargame magazine at the moment is still Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy but MWwB is starting to get there – and like WSS this is a digital edition.

This month’s issue has the usual columns and sections – Neil Shuck handling Forward Observer for wargaming generally following on after Henry’s editorial. Perhaps my favourite regular piece is Diane Sutherland’s terrain and other item constructions and this month she is building canoes. John  Treadaway is now a regular looking after fantasy and science fiction and is always an interesting read. John is also talking to Kevin Dallimore (that legendary painter of figures) later in the issue and I am certain that will be my evening’s reading tonight over a pork chop.

Conrad Kinch’s column may be an improvement on last month’s (I won’t know for a while as that is about the last thing I read there) and Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies fame who is an interesting read and is presenting a Command Challenge (although the cartoon like call-outs in that article are a bit 14-year-old schoolboyish).

Mike Siggin’s is waxing something again and there is the usual Recce section towards the end.

The feature articles of interest this month include:

  • Condottiere
  • A visual guide to British troops in the tropics
  • Some Very British Civil War – this time in the Mersey tunnels
  • An ACW battle (Wilson’s Creek) – with the Black Powder rules adapted for it
  • and Henry has a piece on his Peninsular War project – Salamanca

Overall, it looks like the magazine is improving – let’s hope it continues to do so.

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames

2013-06-22 12.44.16My digital copy of this magazine turned up the other day and some travelling recently has let me catch up with the contents of it faster than I normally do (the wargaming magazines tend to be lunchtime reading for me so it can take a few lunches before I get through one – a reason my magazine reading is falling behind schedule).

I noted before on 26 April 2013 the Miniature Wargames with Battlegames looked more like an expanded Battlegames than an expanded Miniature Wargames. Still, it was a pleasing read then. I was interested then to see how Henry Hyde, the editor, managed an issue with presumable more time to prepare than the first issue.

This issue was better than the last (always an positive when you have just resubscribed) with a number of interesting articles. Neil Schuck (known for his podcasts, the Simple Tags and View from the Verandah) provides the column, forward observer, looking at new items and matters of interest – this month concentrating on the UK Games Expo ((held at the Metropole Hotel, one I know well from business trips to London in the 1980s)) as well as some World War II, Steampunk, Medieval and SciFi scenery.

Diane Sutherland shows how to make a French-Indian Wars fort. A very talented woman Diane, especially in regards to scenery and such. There is a good World War 1 piece on Messines. The Irishman Conrad Kinch and Mike Siggins both take me back to the 1970s with their old style of writing and in Kinch’s case, the faux Flash Gordon-esque “bring me the bore worms” – missing was Princess Aura’s “No! Not the bore worms!” Also missing was the evil pause, it should be “bring me  … the bore worms”. Please, it is 2013 and I am a grown adult who likes to play with toy soldiers, not a sixth-former trying to sound like a 1940s fighter pilot ((I should also mention that Flash Gordon is one of my favourite SciFi tales from the 1930s “I’d much rather see you on my side, than scattered into… atoms.” and “take him to the Disintegrating Room”)).

Perhaps my favourite articles this time were provided my John Treadaway. Treadaway is one of the organisers of Salute, the big London Wargames show. He is also responsible for my feelings of complete inadequacy with my figure painting. Lastly, however, he is also known for his role in Slammers Hammers, a SciFi world and game. I had noticed articles about it in the past in previous issues of Miniature Wargames and not paid any attention. Last night, after dinner, over coffee I read Treadaway’s description of Slammers Hammers and was quite impressed. Come September I shall start looking more at this.

There are also articles on Command Challenge; Whispering Death (my father was taken in by that propaganda); Medieval tournament brawling; some Arthur Harman (that is tonight’s reading on the flight back to Singapore); and the Recce section looking at new releases of figures, books and such.

Overall, the magazine still looks and reads like an expanded Battlegames but I think it is improving and starting to deliver what Miniature Wargames had for recent years promised to but never delivered. A good magazine for a general wargamer.

Still recommended.

Details from Atlantic Publishers or the Facebook page.

Miniature Wargames – May 2013 – Issue 361

The new Wargames Illustrated with Battlegames
The new Wargames Illustrated with Battlegames

This is the latest issue and the first issue of the combined Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine. It is also the first one under the editorship of Henry Hyde.

I have been looking forward to this as Battlegames was one of my favourite wargames magazine.

The first thing apparent is the clean white screen – it really stands out quite well. I should note here that I have taken Battlegames and Miniature Wargames both as eMagazines so the copy of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames I am looking at is a digital copy.

The magazine is  now 80 pages long, it was 72 pages as Miniature Wargames. The content isn’t rushed either. If it takes 6 pages for the article then it is given 6 pages, there are no harsh edits that I could see.

Having said that, the impression I had as I read though it for the first time was that I was looking at an expanded Battlegames with its cover in white rather than red. The article list looks like a typical Battlegames issue.

The magazine though does provide a good read for the wargamer and along with Wargames, Soldier and Strategy, it is my favourite monthly wargame read.

The table of contents includes:

  • Briefing – the Editor
  • Forward Observer – Neil Shuck
  • Lofty Ambitions – Diane Sutherland
  • Little Wars for little money in little space – Arthur Harman
  • Send three and fourpence – Conrad Kinch
  • The Great Armada Part 1 – Jim Webster
  • Opening Hell’s Highway – Jon Sutherland
  • Digital photography for wargamers – Henry Hyde
  • Command challenge – Steve Jones
  • Dux Britannarium – Chris Season
  • A Saladin for UNIT – Tony Harwood
  • Zinnkreig – Harry Pearson
  • Competition
  • Thoughts from the armchair – Mike Siggins
  • Recce
  • Combat Stress Appeal – the Editor

Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend this magazine.

Miniature Wargames and Battlegames to combine

I take a couple of wargames magazines or related publications on subscription. Wargames Illustrated I take in paper format because that’s the only way to get it. Miniature Wargames and Battlegames I take electronically (along with Wargames Soldier and Strategy, Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare).I do prefer electronically, it is much easier dragging around magazines inside my iPad than just inside my computer bag – a lot lighter too.

Well, my subscriptions are just about up for Battlegames and Miniature Wargames but when I renew I will have a new magazine to read – Miniature Wargames with Battlegames,

Apparently, according to Atlantic Publishers, issue 361 of Miniature Wargames will be the first Miniature Wargames with Battlegames. It is due for release in April 2013, the date set to coincide with Salute 2013 in London.

Henry Hyde takes over the reins as the editor of the new magazine. I’m not sure what Andrew Hubbeck (the current editor) is off to do – Atlantic Publishers just noted that he is “taking the opportunity to bid you farewell in his final editorial and [they are] sure you will join [them] in wishing him well as he moves on to new challenges”. I’m not sure if there is a euphemism in there or not.

I’ll look forward to the new magazine, I like Battlegames slightly more than I like Miniature Wargames so it will be interesting to see how the new publication goes.

Oh, and the new magazine will contain more pages. I wonder, are they trying to build to the size of Wargames Illustrated?

The official announcement can be read here.