Olympics 2

I noticed that Michael Phelps has performed better than many small- to medium-sized countries (and some larger ones as well). Last night the scores were China, USA, Australia (yay!), Great Britain … Korea, Japan, Phelps, Russia 😆

For some reason, I have really been enjoying watching these Olympics and not just the swimming but also the diving, the Water Polo, the hockey, the athletics, really, everything.

Normal blogging should resume in a week or so!

Hi Pete!

OK – it happened – for the first time ever. I was sitting at my usual table for breakfast this morning with Kas (well, we’ve been staying here for nearly 2 years now so we have a regular table), munching on toast, chicken loaf and cheese, when a man walks past, looks in my direction, stops, looks at me again, then comes back to the table and says,

“excuse me, are you Thomo?”

To which the only reply can be,


This was Pete from Europe, who has been in Jeddah for a week. He recognised me from the photo of me on my blog and it turns out he has me bookmarked and reads the blog from time to time.

How rare is that? According to Technorati, in December 2007 they were tracking around 112,000,000 blogs in the blogosphere. Given that I am not staying at one of the largest hotels in Jeddah and that I am not a super-blogger, what is the chance of bumping into a reader of your blog at a hotel in Saudi Arabia?

It was great.

Pete left today heading back home so safe home Pete – it was nice to meet you.

Thomo’s Gallery

Is missing again 😦

It seems to have been the main casualty from the move to a new hosting service for Thomo’s Hole. The boys are looking for the problem now and we will return it to use as soon as we can.

In the meantime, no pictures for a while. I may have to look for an alternative.

I will, of course, inform you all when it is back.

Windows Live Writer

Being the lazy fellow that I am, I am always looking for easier and simpler ways to do things. As a result, I thought I’d play with Windows Live Writer and the blog. I know that I can use MS Word and post direct to the blog from a Word document but here I am trying Live Writer as an option.

OK, so this is the first such post. I may do more this way, especially as last week has been another busy week for the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Lasciviousness, Licentiousness and C-Men) here in the Kingdom.

In the meantime, this seems to work,

100,000 Hits

It slipped past a week ago and I missed it but up to now, Thomo’s Hole has had 102,647 hits. That is since January 2007 so I am quite pleased with the result. 18,274 Unique visitors for 102,647 hits (and that does not count me making changes or the robots). That also means that folks are coming back and reading other stuff here – now I feel guilty for being tardy in updating the Hole recently – I will need to be more organised.

So, pop the champagne corks (or, as I am here in Saudi, mix the Apple Juice and Perrier) and let’s celebrate. I promise not to mention traffic to Thomo’s Hole until 250,000 hits are reached.


Sigh. I used to have one. Work has been so unbelievably busy at the current time that about all I have had time to do is post this.

Still, I have some reorganisation of the static pages of Thomo’s Hole underway to make them easier to access – more about this soon, I promise. Plus a round-up of the doings of the local Saudi Arabian buffoons – the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (the Ministry of Lasciviousness and Licentiousness – the C-Men) – is also coming soon.

In the meantime … back to work 😦

The Gallery Is Back

Thomo’s Hole’s Gallery is back on-line thanks to the sterling efforts of Jeffro. I’m not sure what the problem was (like, was it me or something else). Will update this post later with details.

In the meantime, follow the link to the Gallery.

I’ll get the thumbnail views back on the sidebar later.