Why Aussie Retailing is Dying

borders OK, you don’t need to be an intellectual genius to work this one out – and this is even worse than the usual issues as this is electronic. The image above is from Borders Australia, for the supply of an eBook (for those of you not familiar with the technology, it is a book in electronic form so its production, storage and delivery costs are negligible at best). OK, Borders Aussie is selling the electronic book for $10.95.

Sony, who I purchased an eBook reader from, sent me their regular note this week and I went and had a look at what was on offer. The screenshot below is from their website.

sony The price for this book, $2.99, was a price set by the publisher, not the bookstore.

OK, so maybe I am being a little unfair here as it is the price charged to Americans and you need a US address ((for the record it is not that hard to get a US address, there are a number of services offering that, including my own bank for that matter)) – however, it is a publisher set price and I for one cannot see why the electronic version in Australia is $8.00 more. Anyway, as a final test and to be totally fair, I went to Amazon dot com and checked the Kindle version. The screenshot below is from Amazon dot com.

amazon I’ll let you draw your own conclusion about this!

Border’s Australia – Interesting eBook Pricing

borders I was looking for a eBook today at lunch and as I had just had a nice email from the folks at Border’s in Australia telling me that Border’s online was ongoing, business as usual, while the stores sank with no buyers for them, I thought I’d look for a book there.

I came across what looked like an interesting historical piece from Alison Weir called “Traitors Of The Tower”. This is an account of the seven people – five of them women – who were beheaded in the Tower of London more than 400 years ago. Three were queens of England and the others charged with an found guilty of treason. Weir sets out to tell the stories of all of them.

So, it looked like a good book. It was priced low as well, with the cost for the eBook being AU $5.95. Then I noticed the cover of the book (go on, press the image in this post and look at a bigger picture – go on, see if you can see it).

Well, can you see it? Yes, the physical book cover shows a price of £1.99, which is just over AU $3.00.

Nice one Borders – the eBook is more expensive than the paper one!