A Little 2mm Middle Eastern Village

Some 2mm villages - Brigade Models on the left and Irregular Miniatures on the right
Some 2mm villages – Brigade Models on the left and Irregular Miniatures on the right

I had about 10 minutes spare the other day waiting so thought I would quickly put some paint to metal. A couple of my village blocks for the Peshawar project seemed the appropriate way to go as I had them prepared a while ago and they were already undercoated.

The buildings on the left come from Brigade Models and are really very neat, although I feel I could have placed them a little more randomly on the block. Still, they give the effect and work well with other blocks the same size.

The village on the right is from Irregular Miniatures which have a large 2mm range of scenery, soldiers and habitation (and also a pretty neat train). The Irregular village does look more village like – the trees add a little to the ambience.

Ground surface was painted just using a variety of desert sand type colours. I am not sure about flocking at 2mm scale – will maybe do a test piece later and see if it looks alright or not.

There is also a Brigade Models Facebook Page which is easier to get to on smartphones than the ‘blog and where they are happily announcing new stuff and such. Brigade also posted details of how various folks (including yours truly) were dealing with their 2mm models. Have a look at Out There in the Real World.

Irregular Miniatures also have a Facebook page with lots of pictures of their various offerings – not so much in the 2mm line though.

Hmm, modern 1/3000th naval vessels under paint – but the call of the Aeronef is getting louder.

The American Aeronef Fleet

DSC01462The rest of the parcel from Brigade Models was the Americans to face off against the Japanese. As with the Japanese, I purchased two fleet packs.

The American fleet packs are battleship heavy which makes them an interesting opponent for the Japanese. I am planning on a paint job on these that is reminiscent of the Great White Fleet.

The first of the two packs I purchased is shown on the right. It was pack VANFP-202 and contains:

  • 2 x Maine class Battleship
  • 1 x Baton Rouge class Cruiser
  • 2 x Des Moines Class Frigate
  • 2 x Tallahasee Class Patrol Nef

DSC01463To accompany that battleship group above I ordered fleet pack VANFP-201 which is illustrated on the right. It contains:

  • 2 x Texas class Battleship
  • 1 x Michigan Class Destroyer
  • 2 x Des Moines Class Frigate
  • 2 x Tallahasee Class Patrol Nef

This gives me a combined fleet, heavy in battleships, of:

  • 2 x Maine class Battleship
  • 2 x Texas class Battleship
  • 1 x Baton Rouge class Cruiser
  • 1 x Michigan Class Destroyer
  • 4 x Des Moines Class Frigate
  • 4 x Tallahasee Class Patrol Nef

If these paint up as well as I expect them too then I will definitely be adding to these vessels and then by default, the Japanese I discussed yesterday. As I mentioned, I am planning on painting them based on the colours of Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet which circumnavigated the globe early in the 20th century, calling into Sydney amongst other places. Let me leave you then with an illustration of the Great White Fleet.


The Postman Came

DSC01460I love it when the postman comes. He came today with a nice parcel from the folks at Brigade Models. I had decided to take advantage of the summer sale at Brigade (after having manfully resisted purchasing anything from them at Salute 2012) to top up my aeronef fleet.

Over the last couple of years I have been building the necessary troops for my Peshawar collection. Whilst it is currently based around colonial English, French, German and Russian, I did think it was a good opportunity to introduce the Pacific powers. So I ordered some Japanese and American ‘nefs. Tonight I’ll deal with the Japanese.

The first part of the order was for fleet pack VANFP-602, the Japanese Carrier pack. The photo to the right shows the content of this which is:

  • 1 x Ryujo class Carrier
  • 1 x Yakumo class Heavy Cruiser
  • 3 x Nagatsaki class Destroyer
  • 3 x Mikasa Class Patrol Nef
  • 12 x A1D Shinden Fixed Wing Fighter
  • 4 x Fighter Stand
  • 12 x Clear plastic flying stand

I was tempted by this pack for the fixed wing aircraft that would be carried by the Ryujo class carrier. Not shown are the flying and fighter stands.

DSC01461To accompany the carrier group above I ordered fleet pack VANFP-601

  • 2 x Yashima class Battleship (the same structure that forms the basis of the Rjujo carrier)
  • 1 x Yakumo class Heavy Cruiser
  • 1 x Akashi class Light Cruiser
  • 1 x Nagatsaki class Destroyer
  • 2 x Mikasa Class Patrol Nef
  • 7 x Clear plastic flying stand

This pads the fleet up nicely to give a total Japanese fleet of:

  • 1 x Ryujo class Carrier
  • 12 x A1D Shinden Fixed Wing Fighter
  • 2 x Yashima class Battleship
  • 2 x Yakumo class Heavy Cruiser
  • 4 x Nagatsaki class Destroyer
  • 5 x Mikasa Class Patrol Nef
  • 1 x Akashi class Light Cruiser

Also included are a Play sheets CD and some Japanese naval ensigns.

I know, more for the paint pile – still, they are such nice little models. I’ll post details of the Americans later

It’s in the post

I received a nice little note in the email today:

Dear Thompson Ian,

Brigade Models Limited sent your package using Royal Mail.

Postage details

Royal Mail

Service type:
RM Airmail (Small Packets) (3-5 working days)

Postal status

Tomorrow I am off on a business trip to Jakarta until the end of the week. That means I will have next weekend to paint and base the 83kg pile of metal I have here to ensure that come next Monday when I get to the office and collect the nice new toys, I will have an empty painting queue and thus be able to paint these little beauties straight off!

Right! Like that’s going to happen!

Anyway, new toys on the way (I so love those little parcels from the UK). What’s coming? Some Victorian Science Fiction from Brigade Models in the form of Aeronefs – particularly:

Japanese Carrier Pack
Japanese Fleet Pack #1


US Fleet Pack #1
US Fleet Pack #2

Item numbers are VANFP-602, VANFP-601, VANFP-201 and VANFP-202 for the curious. That gives me a particularly nice late 19th Century Pacific Air feel with a mix of vessels from carriers and battlewagons to patrol type ‘nefs. Pondering colours even as I type.

PacFed Space Fleet – Prototype

I finally got around to painting a prototype vessel of the PacFed Space Fleet. The models come from Brigade Models in the UK and are, I must admit, really neat. Unlike the Future War Commander PacFed that I painted earlier this year I wanted these to look a little more “spacey”. I therefore thought I’d go for a metallic look. Below are the painting steps I took.

The spaceship undercoated in white

The first step was undercoating. In this case I hand undercoated using Citadel Foundation Colours Skull White. As my plan is to paint light colours I find the white undercoat with colour washes works best.

When I paint the full force (there is about 30 or 40 vessels altogether in the fleet) I’ll spray undercoat all the vessels at one time.

Basecoated in Ivanden Darksun

The spaceship was then covered in a basecoat of Ivanden Darksun. This foundation colour is very useful, especially when painting yellows and similar light colours.

The original PacFed forces were all covered in this basecoat as well.

After this basecoat, and following the suggestion of the guys at the Games Workshop Bunker in Clarence Street in Sydney, I mixed some colours. The first mix was 2 parts Shining Gold to 1 part Calthan Brown. This was then applied to the model. The next colour mix was 1 part Mithril Silver to 1 part Knarloc Green. The third mix was 1 part Dwarf Bronze to 1 part Mechrite Red.

Gold, Green and Red adde

The image to the left shows the paint scheme to this point.

The next steps were to mix a wash. The wash was 1 part Devlan Mud to 1 part Badab Black. The model was then washed in that.

The next colour was then added. This was Burnished Gold. It was applied over the gold areas.

A final wash of Sepia Gryphonne was then applied to the whole mode and the black stand was touched up to take care of paint splashes.

The result of this is shown below.

The Finished Model

I’m not 100% satisfied with this yet – I think I want the piping more red and the green could be, well, maybe greener but overall the gold is growing on me.

Thomo’s Painting Queue

P2112806 All the 6mm Science Fiction figures of the army of goodness and rightness, the PacFed, are now painted, based, flocked and varnished. They’re ready for the wargame this weekend against Doug’s ev-vil SAC forces. The photo left is some of them in varying states of being painted. I’ll photograph them all next week and add those photos to one of my albums somewhere.

Next on the painting queue is more 1/6000th scale ships. This time it is the Italian Navy of World War 1 for John in the US. I hope to get those knocked over fairly quickly as I also have some 1/300th (6mm) World War 2 Italian ground forces to paint, then more 1/6000th ships.

Mind you, I do think that the final versions of the PacFed look good – here’s a base of infantry just as a teaser for the full photographs next week. These are about one and a half to two times life size – the actual figures stand at 6mm in height.