Woman Wins Saudi Achievement Award for 2008

The Arab News reported yesterday that a woman had won the Arabian Business Magazine’s Saudi Achievement Award for 2008. They then went on to note:

There was only one small problem: Al-Dossary is a woman.

Yep. Nadia Al-Dossary, the Saudi Achievement Award winner for 2008 heads an Alkhobar-based scrap metal group. The annual turnover of this group is SAR 500 million. Seems she’s been profiled in the Washington Post and the Financial Times has rated her one of the most influential women in the Middle East. None of this matters one iota as when she arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh to attend the awards ceremony,

she was turned away due to social restrictions (enforced by the religious police) prohibiting unrelated men and women from mixing, even in public.

Yes folks, those evil buffoons from the Commission etc etc (you know who I mean – Licentious, Lascivious – the C-Men) will not allow unrelated men and women to mix even in public. I guess they are worried that she may have suggested immoral things to an auditorium full of men for something to do in her spare time when she is not running a 500,000,000 Riyal organisation.

EC Plaza (http://www.ecplaza.net/) – B2B Portal

Stupid – no other way to describe it. I was helping a friend and looking for some machinery. Came across a place called EC Plaza which lists many companies in China.

How stupid are these EC Plaza folks?

First I am sitting here in Saudi Arabia and inquiring for a friend in Mongolia – so I have to register on the site but because of super-stupid programming, they pick up my web server here in Saudi Arabia as my country and I cannot change it – so now Ulaanbaatar is in Saudi Arabia and the phone number is also a Saudi number.

Worse though, they presented me with a list of several thousand industry codes for me to select the code that applied to me. Hello fools, I am a buyer – that is, a customer. You make it easy for me or I go elsewhere.

If you are a business listed with them, I’d really think of using another portal.

So, according to EC Plaza, I am writing this blog entry from our Nuclear Reactor here in Ulaanbaatar, Outer Saudi Arabia.